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Private Gallery - Creating Yours
What pics should you place in your private gallery to encourage a punter to call?

Sadistic Mistress provides you with the opportunity to create a Private Gallery.  This gallery can only be seen by registered members who are willing to pay to view the pictures. Of course, you set the price and this might be zero if you don't want to charge. If you do want to charge a small fee then you will share in the revenue.

Private Galleries are designed to help you to make some money AND to encourage punters to call you for a booking.  Think of it as part of the buying process for punters.  It is more likely that a person viewing your private gallery will come to meet you.

It is important that your explicit photographs are reserved for your Private Gallery and not on public display.

Focus on what they want when you create yours and you will do better!

Warnings - Get it Right or Lose it !

It is important that you adhere to the rules when creating a Private Gallery.  If you do not then our quality team can remove your profile from the site.  As long as you are genuine and play by the rules to make things fair then you will be okay. 

Here are some things you are NOT allowed to do :

1. Post the same images from your Public Gallery into your Private Gallery

2. Upload images that do not belong to you or depict some other person

3. Upload the same image multiple times

Play safe and have fun!

If you have any questions do not hestitate to email Sharon at [email protected]


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