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Sadistic Mistress is the home to one of the world's premier directories of female mistresses and dominatrix.  Finding what you are looking for could not be easier and we have lots more to satisfy your kinky needs right here on the Fetish Zone. To find your USA Mistress you can start searching right now and selecting the location from the selection of US States below.

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These American Mistresses know exactly how to bring you under their control and exploit and humiliate you like the pathetic little worm you are.  You are sure to be mesmerized by each and every one of them and you will feel the need to submit, be under their control, and hang on their every word.

When you meet these Sadistic USA Mistresses you will instantly feel the need to fall to your knees and worship them.  You will yearn to be under the control of a dominant USA Mistress and feel the power she posses over you.  Let Her fulfil the need that lives within you to let go and submit to a superior Amercian Mistress, knowing that she can exploit you if she needs to and have you do anything she wants for her pleasure.

Many of these Mistresses are sensual, cruel and sadistic; Most are both.  Inflicting pain and having you begging for mercy at their feet where you belong is so delightful to them.  They could train and mould you into anything they want and there is nothing you can do about it as they are exactly what you desire!