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"CoCo" Mistress



You'll either be addicted or afraid, usually addicted.
"Maitress Amina" Mistress

Maitress Amina


Spare the rod, Spoil the fun. You deserve a premium experience.
"Stacy" Mistress



I'm a strict, bewitching sultry and sensual sadistic dominatrix with lots of irresistible skills...
"Stacy" Mistress



I am the magnificent and enchanting Goddess stacy. My aura and presence will put you into a trance of submission and reverence...You will beg, obey and adore me.
"YesMissJay" Mistress



Professional Fetishist and Switch specializing in new experiences
"Madame Lenora" Mistress

Madame Lenora

Washington DC

I am first and foremost a lifestyle Dominatrix. I specialize in holistic, in-depth dynamics for those brave and willing souls longing to go deeper.
"Vidian Vixen" Mistress

Vidian Vixen


Professional Corporal Dominatrix who gets pleasure from your pain.
"Mz Fawn" Mistress

Mz Fawn


I command the ultimate sacrifice that you have to offer me, lasting for days, months and possibly years. Your suffering leads me to a head space that can only heighten my sensual pleasure.
"Mistress Lena Lorde" Mistress

Mistress Lena Lorde


Lena Lorde but you may address Her Mistress Lena. She has 12 years of experience in the lifestyle.
"Mistress Alegria" Mistress

Mistress Alegria


I am Mistress Alegria. I am a No-Nonsense, Sincere,Dominant Woman, who was raised in a home of naturally strong, spiritual, physical Women, where True Domination was...and still is the way of life!
"Lady Inamorata" Mistress

Lady Inamorata

Silver Spring

I am interested in exploring the most erotic organ in your body…your mind.
"Sensual Mistress Kyra" Mistress

Sensual Mistress Kyra


I am Mistress Kyra, purveyor of all that is sensual.
"Goddess Ruby Deville" Mistress

Goddess Ruby Deville


Kneel Fucker!!!
"Vidian Vixen" Mistress

Vidian Vixen


Baltimore, MD bases Dominatrix that mixes pleasure with pain.
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  • Lady  Freya, Maryland


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