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This is one of the worlds most comprehensive website featuring contact information for domainant Mistress and Dominatirx from all around the world.. If you are not over the age of 18 years or if is illegal to view adult content and material in your community, please do leave now. LEAVE THE SITE

Find UK Serious Mistress Profiles

You can discover lots of Mistresses from all around the United Kingdom in our UK Mistress section of Sadistic Mistress.  There are strict and very cruel women from all over the country including London Mistress, Midlands Mistress, South East Mistress ... more

Find Serious Mistresses in United States of America

Whether you are in New York, Louisiana or on the West Coast, we have some of the most deliciously sadistic Mistresses for you to meet.  So get inside and find your next journey into fetish heaven.  We have popular USA Mistresses from almost every state including Florida Mistress, New York Mistress, California Mistress ... more

Asian and Australasian Mistress

The oriental Mistress is said to be one of the most fantasised about Dominatrix in the world. There is something about Asian Women that makes them brilliant at delivering very cruel punishments to submissive males.  But if you're further down under then fear not, we have profiled Mistresses from Australia and New Zealand for you to meet.  So get yourself prepared to meet a sadistic mistress.  Find an Australia Mistress, Hong Kong Mistress, Thailand Mistress ... more

South America Mistress

Often overlooked but we have some amazing South American Mistresses profiles right here on the Sadistic Mistress website.  So find your next Brazil Mistress, Chile Mistress .... more

Helping You Find The Perfect Femdom Mistress

Whether you want to meet a Mistress for a quick one hour session at her dark chamber or you're in search of a longer term relationship with a strict and professional lifestyle domme, you have come to the right place.  As one of the most popular Femdom Mistress directories on the internet, we have hundreds if not thousands of genuine Mistresses from all around the world who have registered their details with us over the years.

The cruel Mistresses we have profiled here on Sadistic Mistress love nothing more than controlling slaves. Having a slave hang on their every word, just waiting for their next command, gives them a real buzz.  These are dominant women who want to be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you worship before you sleep.  They will make you twitch with desire to please the Mistress that stands before you.  Whether you are licking Her boots or opening your mouth wide while she spits into it, you will belong to Her.  These women expect their slaves to obey and beg for everything they want.  As your new keeper and Mistress  shw will want you to show Her respect.  You will need to earn the right to even look at Her beautiful eyes.  Are you ready to bow down and beg these Sadistic Mistresses to take you into their stable of worthless little maggots.

Origins of The Sadistic Mistress

Originally started off as the Fetish Zone in 1998, Sadistic Mistress was born out of folly, confused? Let me explain, yes, we are all human and believe it or not we make mistakes just like the rest of you. While in our infancy, nearly ten years back someone somewhere, let's not mention any names to save a public humiliation, forgot to auto renew a domain name! Yes, you got it! Hey presto, the Fetish Zone domain name got snapped up by some unscrupulous advertiser looking for small pay per click change... mmm... let's wish them all the very best of luck, hey.. So that's how we got started in a nut shell. So if you do have fond memories of the Fetish Zone, then welcome back. To those of you that never heard of us before anyway, welcome to Sadistic Mistress and forgive my ramblings :0)

Our femdom Mistress directory is manually updated and you are about to enter the fetish scene events site with a huge and growing by the day, directory of professional mistresses and dominatrix.

From the moment you enter the Mistress Directory your mind will shift into the submissive and you will feel it necessary to search and find a partner or resource to allow you relief from the tension that will build inside your mind and body.

Inside Sadistic Mistress you will have access to a massive selection of online fetish movies, free streaming fetish movies and much more. So dare to enter and enjoy free BDSM Movies.

Save Money and Enjoy Virtual Mistress Sessions

During this economic downturn, it can be difficult to find the funds to enjoy a one to one session with a professional Mistress. So, to help you get your fetish fix we have put together a great collection of domination phone sex lines and movies featuring Mistresses from all around the world taking care of their slaves and subs. Find out more

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