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Find your local Chicago Dominatrix.Here are the local listings of Mistresses in Chicago. If you cannot find a Dominatri on this Chicago Dominatrix directory you may select another state. There is a good choice in Chicago. From Asian to blonde, you can locate your fantasy here.

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"CoCo" Mistress



You'll either be addicted or afraid, usually addicted.
"Dame Odiele Von Roth" Mistress

Dame Odiele Von Roth


As subversive as nature allows.
"Mistress Harlow" Mistress

Mistress Harlow


I am a Chicago-based dominatrix and fetish provider. Feminine yet formidable, my striking features and statuesque frame will have you down on your knees.
"Stacy" Mistress



Real bad ass bitch you will find very interesting to serve. True goddess of your world who glean enjoyments in inflicting corporal punishments, CBT...and
"Stacy" Mistress



I'm a strict, bewitching sultry and sensual sadistic dominatrix with lots of irresistible skills..
"Mistress Vivi" Mistress

Mistress vivi


A professional and disciplined mistress.. seeking new slaves/subs/sissy sluts to train and be dominated.. loyalty is key to a good don/sub relationship.
"Bettie Brickhouse" Mistress

Bettie Brickhouse


The strongest BBW Pro Domme you'll ever meet
"Miss Katerina" Mistress

Miss Katerina


Young humiliatrix and sensual sadistic princess operating out of Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. Miss Katerina will leave you breathless and begging for more.
"Mistress Boom" Mistress

Mistress Boom


dominant demanding female seeks submissive men needing to be controlled
"Estelle Sinclair" Mistress

Estelle Sinclair


Sexuality, Power, and Alpha Femininity. Indulge in the skilled sophistication of elite domination with Mistress Estelle Sinclair.
"Mistress Elizabeth Hunter" Mistress

Mistress Elizabeth Hunter


You and I are one of a kind, so let's play like it. I am a skilled dominant with years of experience. Lucky you, I love seeing kinky dreams come true. Tell me yours and I’ll weave them with mine to create an experience like no other.
"Domme Diamond" Mistress

Domme Diamond


Amazon Domina of 10 years has openings in her stable... No couples or bullshit I have no time for it...Yes im a bitch Domina
"Mistress Madeline" Mistress

Mistress Madeline


I am the premier BBW dominatrix in the United States. My dungeon is in the Chicago metro area. With over two decades of professional experience, I am an authority on what makes men tick.
"Domina Lynette" Mistress

Domina Lynette


Domina Lynette is a natural Domina based in Chicago and LA
"Miss Casandra" Mistress

Miss Casandra


I am Miss Cassandra, a true sensualist with a sadistic twist. I am the Woman who knows what you need and will enjoy every minute luring you into My world.
"Mistress Bobbi" Mistress

Mistress Bobbi


An artist in My own right, this lifestyle is My living, breathing medium.
"Mistress Marilyn" Mistress

Mistress Marilyn


Do not be fooled by My petite frame and sweet disposition. I am a capable threat who will crush you mercilessly before whipping you back to life.
"Mistress Nadia" Mistress

Mistress Nadia


I am Mistress Nadia and you will address Me as so. I am the Woman who will expose you in all of your glorious vulnerability.
"Mistress Charlotte" Mistress

Mistress Charlotte


I am the QUEEN of your dreams, intoxicating and beautiful with a flawless hourglass figure that will have you begging for more.
"Mistress Samantha" Mistress

Mistress Samantha


I am Her…the stern, intelligent and sophisticated enigma that will not only captivate your mind but reach into the depths of your soul.
"Mistress Eden" Mistress

Mistress Eden


Experiencing My dominance is like receiving a gift from a divine being. Being allowed to submit to Me will fill you with purpose and pure joy.
"Miss Reyna" Mistress

Miss Reyna


As My submissive, you'll always wonder what is in My mind and won't ever know just what to expect.
"Head Mistress Lexi" Mistress

Head Mistress Lexi


Sassy, seductive, and sincere. I have no idols. Depending on my mood, I will purr like a kitten or roar like a lioness.
"Mistress Simone" Mistress

Mistress Simone


Maturity garners respect. You will find with my skilled expertise of 18 years as a professional, your fetish will reach new heights.
"Mistress Morrigan" Mistress

Mistress Morrigan


Chicago's Humiliation Queen, Strap-On Goddess, and Corporal Bitch
"Twisted Domme Jada" Mistress

Twisted Domme Jada


Violating men's assholes is what I do...
"Domina Natalya Sadici" Mistress

Domina Natalya Sadici


Vixen Sadist, Patron Saint of Debauchery, and Pro Domina, I have many titles and many ways to discuss who I am. My penchant for perversion is clear by the gleam in my eyes and diabolical grin that comes across my face.
"Miss Jakkie" Mistress

Miss Jakkie


Jackie’s aim is true. As a dominant she will enforce every letter of her law with calculated glances and blows.
"Mistress Harley Quinn" Mistress

Mistress Harley Quinn


Chicago's original Riot Grrrl Humiliatrix, Strap-On Vampress, and Sadist Extraordinaire
"Rebecca Kinney" Mistress

rebecca kinney


Are you willing to explore your taboos, fears and fantasies? To test the limits of your control?
"Queen Delicia" Mistress

Queen Delicia


Powerful. Creative. Beautiful. Ebony. Queen Delicia.
"Miss Mara Mayhem" Mistress

Miss Mara Mayhem


Chicago's most exquisite Mistress and Provocateur! Seductress and Toilet Trainer!


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Mistress Yazie" Mistress

Mistress Yazie


I am a Mistress of all trades - most Fetishes are welcomed!
"MistressCandyX" Mistress



Surrender yourself to an experienced Sadist - Favorites include sensory deprivation, corporal punishment, genital torture, amongst other activities that will define you as My bitch.
"Miss Gia Maze" Mistress

Miss Gia Maze


Being naturally dominant, even as a child, and being in the lifestyle from a young age, this comes as second nature to me.
"Mistress Ivy Darkbloom" Mistress

Mistress Ivy Darkbloom


If my impressive curves, sultry brunette hair and smooth, alabaster skin don't leave you breathless, my seductively sadistic ways will!
"Mistress Clawdia" Mistress

Mistress Clawdia


I am Chicago's finest BITCH!! If your in town and forgot your collar- don't you worry- I have got that covered!
"Miss Maya Sinstress" Mistress

Miss Maya Sinstress


Fetish Goddess Maya Sinstress has over 9 years experience as a professional Dominatrix. She has a private and elegant dungeon in the west loop of Chicago.
"Mistress Savanah" Mistress

Mistress Savanah


I am a cultivated young woman with a penchant for charming impressionable people and imposing My will upon others.
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Chicago has an active fetish scene and a thriving BDSM community. You can find various fetish events, clubs, and organizations in the city where people with similar interests come together to explore their kinks and fetishes in a safe and consensual environment. Some well-known events and organizations in Chicago include:

The Leather Archives & Museum

This is a notable institution dedicated to the preservation and exploration of leather, kink, and fetish history. It often hosts events and exhibitions related to BDSM and fetish culture.

Chicago Dungeon Rental

This is a facility that provides private and well-equipped dungeon spaces for individuals and couples interested in BDSM and fetish play.

Chicago Hellfire Club

 A long-standing leather and fetish organization in Chicago that hosts events and fundraisers for the local community.

MAsT (Masters And Slaves Together) Chicago

A support and education group for those interested in power exchange relationships and BDSM dynamics.

Local BDSM and fetish meetups

There are many smaller groups and events organized through online communities, social media, and local resources where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Please keep in mind that it's essential to approach the fetish and BDSM scene with respect, consent, and a focus on safety. Always communicate clearly with potential partners, practice safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) or risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) principles, and educate yourself about the community's norms and best practices.

Additionally, be aware that the availability and popularity of specific events and organizations may change over time, so it's a good idea to do some research and reach out to local resources to find the most up-to-date information on Chicago's fetish scene.

Retired Chicago Mistress

We believe the following Mistress and Dominatrix in Chicago have now retired or are no longer accepting new clients.

  • Goddess Claudia

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