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London Mistress profiles can be found here. There are sadistic Pro Dommes featured here that you can meet this week. Find the very best Premier Mistresses. 

London Mistress Gallery

You will find these Mistresses are naturally Dominant and Sadist. For these professional Dommes, many forms of fetish excite them. 

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You can discover lots of regularly updated profiles of genuine Mistresses.  On each profile, you can find contact details here so you can call or email your chosen Mistress to discuss a session.

When you view their profile you will find contact information, a short description and some more pictures.  Don't forget to mention you found them on Sadistic Mistress! Apart from the physical they often enjoy the mental aspects of BDSM. These are the kind of Dommes that are hard to forget. Find a captivating Mistress here and before long you will be begging for her time.

There is a Mistress to meet all your needs and fetishes.  We have found that Subs and Slaves are willing to travel to meet a new Mistress and enjoy something different. These dominant females take a great deal of pleasure in delivering their services that range from fun and exploration to strict and corporal.

Has Your Mistress Retired?

For your information, we believe the followiong Mistresses are no longer providing professional Dominations services to submissives and slaves:

  • Corporal Punishment Mistress, Barnet, Greater London
  • Mistress Aika, London
  • Mistress Alize, London
  • Mistress Arriah. London
  • Lady Axana, London
  • Big Bad Bertha, London
  • Mistress Laura, London
  • Mistress Leah, London
  • Madame Lisa, London
  • MiSTARess, London
  • Madam Octavia, London
  • Mistress Roxy, London
  • Princess Spider, London
  • Mistress Vivienne, London
  • Mistress Rebecca Winter
  • Madame Zoe, London

When you are searching for a Mistress, you will more than likely be interested in finding one that is both bossy and uncompromising.  We believe you wont be disappointed by these cruel London Mistresses that we have profiles on Sadistic Mistress.  These ladies are professionals and lifestyle Domina who just adore the process of breaking the submissive creature down and grinding him into the dirt beneath their beautiful heels. Of course they wouldn't want to soil any of their best pairs in the process. These sadistic Mistresses are mostly Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix Bitches with a passion for manipulating and exploiting spineless males.

Sadistic Mistress has amassed unquantifiable knowledge regarding kink and fetish. With that in mind you can be sure that you will find curious and imaginative Mistresses within this gallery. It is up to you to find out what it feels like to give yourself to someone who is intuitive, empathetic, cruel, and kind in all of the right doses.

Do you want to know what it's like? To be controlled - to be dominated - to be owned - to obey! Do you want to feel the incredible release, ecstasy and freedomme that comes from surrendering yourself wholly to one who is so clearly your superior. Now is the time to transcend all foolish boundaries. You will discover a London Mistress that will become your only boundary. Know her healing powers and bathe in her hurting you for her own saditic pleasure. It is time to surrender and know peace at last. When booking your London Mistress you should be fully aware that her talents are not to be wasted. Call your London Mistress now. Or forever wonder what might have been.

Find a powerful and sensual London Dominatrix and enjoy a divine experience. You will find well established London Mistresses and well known traditional London based English Dominatrix who do not take no for an answer. These London Dominatrix know what they want and how to get it.

Get together with an expert in domination, humiliation, BDSM and the treatment of submissives. You will find many Pro Dommes that cater for all fetishes and those that have a limited portfolio.

Newbies or experienced submissive's are generally all welcome to meet the Ladies listed here. May will welcome you into their private, residential addresses. Others will have a dungeone environment.

These Ladies are firm but fair, cruel but empathic.

A good Domme will get into your mind, your soul and your fantasies. You will find serving these London Mistresses will come naturally. Expect her to lead you through your dreams until they out-weigh your expections. Do not ever try to second guess these Mistresses.

Top London Dominatrix always welcome novices as well as the experienced. When meeting a Mistress expect to have a full consultation with her before the session. This time can be very important. You will spend the time  with her exploring your fantasies and expectations. This is her opportunity to get into your mind and understand your needs.

Some of the Professional Dommes you meet will not want to have you set the rules for a session. You will find that some Mistresses will not follow a routine. This means that each session will always be unique and individual. For this to be successful, there should be a connection between you and the Mistress.

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