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Commander Sophie from City Of London - Mistress
Commander Sophie
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Commander Sophie

Age: 31 - 35

Nationality: German


Commander Sophie is a 5'10 tall, German amazon. She is famous for her sadistic laughter and having a lot of fun torturing men. Her superior intelligence and imagination make role-play an unconventional experience. Hardsports and wrestling offered.

A Few Words About Me...

A list of BDSM fetish activities does not tell much about my fetishes. So my story will open the space of my kinky mind. The main thing is if you can connect with me, from there, anything is possible. So take a few minutes and read.

I was born in Germany, ancestors in uniform with their grey looks hanging from the wall. The private school I attended was very strict. I perfected the art of playing tricks on the teachers without getting caught. In our house we had servants, who I knew how to treat right;)

At University I learned to harness my endless fantasies in order to gain more depth. The studies of Psychology taught me how to see through somebody and I gained the weapon of manipulation.

I aquired the techniques to explore my shadows: going down step by step into the rings of hell. In my early 20’s everything was very blurry; and I can say, I didn't know much about consens back then. As the years passed I learned, how to push someone's boundaries but not go into abuse.

Seven years ago I started to practice yoga and meditation daily (which i still do). I mixed it with sex and I learned how to get much more deep orgasms. I might pass this knowledge to you, if I think you deserve it. This is meditation as concentration only- nothing 'religious'. 

I am into the spiritual side of leather. You will be surprised how well they go together with BDSM. Pain is known to be cleansing...But I can only offer to work with you in that way if you have a spiritual teacher who takes care of you. I will not open anyone to these energies and do not have the abilities to guide yet.
I like reading philosphy, history, novels.. I am always happy for book references, which we might integrate into our scenes.

I travelled to one of those unstable countries for a job and had to pass through the war-zone. Afterwards, I became obsessed with war movies and read blogs of soldiers. I found out how interesting it is to play with one of the things that forms this world more than you think. It is still present in our collective unconscious and we can bring it up like in a therapy session. It is liberating. I am definetly not a racist in real life! If I had lived during WW2, I would have been a victim, because I am bisexual and a free spirit.

I am getting trained in wrestling and martial arts. I love to overwhelm someone, it is especially fun since I am 5.9“ feet tall.
I am now 35 years old but people always think, that I am in my late 20ties.

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Main location:City Of London

Covered locations: Dubai


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