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Goddess Cleo from City Of London - Mistress
Goddess Cleo
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Goddess Cleo

Age: N/A

Nationality: Australian / British


Elegant, sensual and seductively strict, I have many specialties and a creative mind with which to initiate a decadently, indulgent session.

A Few Words About Me...

When you enter the glamorous world of Dominantion, you only ever hope to find someone who exceeds your expectations - a Dominant with the intuition to know what you want, and the perception to know where to take you.  Add chemistry into the equation and the result is an intensely mind-blowing experience....


A personal favourite of mine is to compassionately introduce newbies and novices to the delights of the BDSM world. Being Dominated doesn't necesarily have to intimidate, hurt or scare the living daylights out of you. At least, not unless that is what you're into. For a gentle (or not so gentle, if that's what you're into) introduction to the wonderful world of fetish, get in touch with me to discuss a wide array of options. There's a whole new world out there regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced player...



Some of the activities I am into:


A Foot Fetish dream, I'm convinced my pretty size 5 / size 38 feet are directly connected to my girly bits somehow. I absolutely love to have my feet worshipped in many forms - bare feet, with or without nail polish, pantihose, stockings, shoes, sandals, boots, worship my feet and see for yourself... I can accommodate a smelly foot fetish if requested, however my feet usually have more of a sweet aroma.


One of my favourite activities is to have you under my feet. I peer down at you whilst I stand, dance, jump, Trample, walk over you, in bare feet, stockings, trainers, boots, heels, any level from gentle to severe depending on what you are looking for. Surprisingly I have been trampling since my early teens and have become very adept at a chiropractic technique of cracking backs and regularly have the boys lined up for sessions at clubs. Under my feet? Heaven!


Spanking is one of my specialities - whether your preference is for a sensual spank that puts you into a level of subspace you've never before experienced (or ever thought possible), or for one of the hardest spankings of your life. Over the knee, over the bench, over the table, over the bed, the positions are endless! Have you been naughty, or have you been nice?


My Corporal Punishment claim to fame is that I can offer a caning session for an hour or longer and not leave any telltale marks if requested, the ultimate discreet CP session. Would you like welts with that? I can deliver the level you are looking for from beginner, to Corporal and Judicial. Perhaps you are after a school fantasy - detention after hours and six of the best from Head Mistress or from the Head Girl in front of Head Mistress.


If you are looking for an indulgently decadent journey of the senses incorporating light BDSM, massage and sensory deprivation to enhance your experience, then look no further. As a Bondassage Practitioner and Trainer I am more than qualified to deliver the ultimate experience in Tie and Tease, so if you are looking for something very different from traditional style of Domination session then it really doesn't get much better than this...


As one of London's premier Strap-On enthusiasts I have a nice collection of toys of various sizes - my "cherry popper" is great for beginners, or perhaps you prefer my 6", 8" or 10" or maybe you think you can take my massive 12" that I call "CockZilla". Whatever your level, I have something that will tickle your fancy! I can also accommodate fisting enthusiasts, indulge fans of electrical play and perform enemas, and if spit roasting is your thing then one of my lovely Dominant friends would be more than happy to team up with me to participate.


Blessed with a wonderfully round posterior, I enjoy Face Sitting - positioning myself over your face and lowering myself all the way down, until you are unable to see anything. For my amusement I may make you recite something, I may also wear pvc or leather to control your breathing...


Have you ever fancied being put into Bondage for an extended period of time? Perhaps you wish to try sleeping in a dungeon overnight, or being locked in a cage for a few hours? Think you could handle an entire weekend in a D/s dynamic? Or maybe even a week in service? I offer extended sessions and longer-term service so get in touch with me respectfully to discuss some options.


My collection of Electrics is ever-increasing and I now have a Vixen, a double handset Violet Wand, and an e-Stim with butt plug and electric sounds. I also have access to other pieces of electrical kit in other venues such as Kent, so if there is something you particularly wish to try just get in touch with me.


If cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing and various other domestic duties floats your boat, I offer training and sessions in Domestic Servitude as well as occasionaly taking on high performers on a more regular permanent basis. Perhaps your secret desire is to be useful to a superior, Dominant woman? Let's chat!


Keyholder and strict enforcer of abstinence, only approach me to hold your key or be in charge of your orgasms if you have the motivation and drive to succeed. Taking away the distraction of your having boy bits leads to an increase performance in other areas of your life, as well as a realisation that serving the superior sex is your rightful place in this life. Contact me to discuss options.


I offer much more than just the above, visit my website to find out more.




30 minutes - I offer half hour sessions for Foot Worship, CP, Trampling and Role Play, as well as half hour Taster sessions and 30 minute Introductory for novices and newbies. These shorter sessions not only suit anyone wishing to sample a BDSM activity to see if they like it, but also those limited on time - enjoy some BDSM on your lunchbreak, perhaps? Session fees start at £60 for Foot Worship and £100 for a Taster session.


60 minutes or more - Generally a session with me would be an hour (or more) in order for us both to get the most out of it.  Extended sessions a lot of fun, and overnight/weekend or longer is also possible. Session fees start with £120 for Foot Worship and from £150 for BDSM fun.


Bondassage - Minimum 90 minutes and is the most decadent session you will ever experience!  Fees start at £275 for 90 minutes


Please take the time to visit my site where you will find my diary and more extensive details of session activities, parties I hold details and events I attend.



Starting from £400 which includes 2 hours of play and overnight accommodation - please contact me to discuss your options

Available locations

Main location:City Of London

Covered locations: Greater London


Time Tribute
1 hour £ 150
2 hours £ 300
3 hours £ 400
4 hours £ 500
Overnight £ 400

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City Of London - Goddess Cleo - Mistress
City Of London - Goddess Cleo - Mistress
City Of London - Goddess Cleo - Mistress
City Of London - Goddess Cleo - Mistress
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