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To find your Mistress you can start searching right now.  We have links to the worlds finest dominatrix. Search their sites and take a look at what you can experience today. Whether you are looking for a Domestic Disciplinarian or a sadistic Goddess, we have some amazing Women for you to meet.  You will find girls whose main interests are in Domestic Discipline, spanking, mouth soaping, domestic servitude, cross-dressing, age-play, caning and birching and much more.  These Dominatrix may have a sweet exterior, but don't be fooled - they can be extremely sadistic!

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Miss Naima

26 - 30


The name Naima stands for comfort in the meaning of a pleasant, delightful creature. But you will soon discover that I'm a pleasant young woman with a sadistic side, I love to see you suffer and crawl for me!

Modern Empress

26 - 30


London / Sweden / New York - UK's leading foot goddess & humiliatrix. Ex-model, late-twenties, renowned bitch and disciplinarian.


21 - 25


mistress xu lyn stockholm city fetish and so much more .....

Froken Amelie



My preferences include sadism, fetishism and psycological dominans.

Sophie Sinclair

41 - 45


Domestic Disciplinarian in Stockholm

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