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The home to one of the world's premier directories of female mistresses and dominatrix. Colorado is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States. It encompasses most of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

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"CoCo" Mistress



You'll either be addicted or afraid, usually addicted.
"Mistressjen" Mistress



A rare opportunity to meet a sophisticated Queen. You yearn to submit and be objectified for my entertainment while I expand your horizon. Accept your fate, once the door is closed you are truly my toy. Professional Sadist.
"Alice" Mistress



****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Mistress Lo" Mistress

Mistress Lo

Colorado Springs

Sadistic and discerning pet collector.
"Mistress Kiva" Mistress

Mistress Kiva


I am Mistress Kiva, The Red elegant, seductive, sensual Dominatrix. Beauty, femininity and understanding your fetish needs and desires are the sources of My power and control over you
"Miss Mia Von" Mistress

Miss Mia Von


I have a nurturing yet sadistic character that compliment each other in the understanding of my subjects.
"Daddy Rissa" Mistress

Daddy Rissa


Hey guys do you need party favors because if you do I'm your girl I'm a bedroom bully who love to watch transsexual p*** I'm not trying to sexual with this intrigues me I love chicks with dicks I like to be bossy and I have high heels
"Domme Danielle" Mistress

Domme Danielle


My name is Danielle. You may address me as Mistress. When you come to see me, you will experience a true connection. Iā€™m talking about intimacy and depth ā€“ ya know, those things we used to do before the age of isolation and screens.
"Ms Sasha Cross" Mistress

Ms Sasha Cross


With over 25 years in the BDSM Lifestyle I have spent the past years training & offering private sessions.
"Denver Dominatrix" Mistress

Denver Dominatrix


Kinky BBW Denver Dominatrix.
"Harley" Mistress



Bad AZZ Harley
"Nia Olive" Mistress

Nia Olive


I am looking for someone who is loyal & devoted to serve & please me.


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Lady Julianna" Mistress

Lady Julianna


BDSM is the ultimate erotic experience for both Dom and sub. Come to my dungeon or visit me in one of several major US cities.
"Dominatrix Rose" Mistress

Dominatrix Rose


Many people have come into the scene wishing and needing to serve a Mistress or a Master and have no clue what that really means.
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Colorado Mistress Profiles

Here we have a selection of the best Colorado Mistress available for in person sessions. Finding what you are looking for could not be easier and we have lots more to satisfy your kinky needs right here. Interstate 25 (I-25) is the primary north–south highway in the state, connecting Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins, and extending north to Wyoming and south to New Mexico. I-70 is the primary east–west corridor. It connects Grand Junction and the mountain communities with Denver, and enters Utah and Kansas.


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Retired Local Dominatrix

We belive the following Colorado Mistress many now have retired. If you know different, let us know too!

  • Domina Danni,Denver, Colorado
  • Domina Elle, Denver, Colorado
  • Lady Mercy, Denver, Colorado
  • Lady Switch Fire, Denver, Colorado
  • Mistress San, Denver, Colorado
  • Sweet MaryAnn, Denver, Colorado

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