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"Hong Kong Miss Amanda" Mistress

Hong Kong Miss Amanda

Hong Kong

I am tall and curvy, with long black curvy hair and a huggable body in fine silky smooth skin. I'm able to stimulate your body, mind and soul. Release all your heart and mind’s sensual desires to explore and enter my realm of intimacy.
"MistressP" Mistress


Hong Kong

A Strict and Firm, Experienced, BDSM and Fetish Mistress in Hong Kong.
"Mistress Yannie" Mistress

Mistress Yannie

Hong Kong

Skilled, beautiful, seductive and daring, I am a Mistress inside and out - no pretention, no acting. The experience you have with me will be real and intense. If that's what you are looking for, text me.
"HK Mistress Alice" Mistress

HK Mistress Alice

Hong Kong

I'm an English Dominatrix living in HK. I'm a passionate, multi faceted Mistress with a profound understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM. I have equipment for all requirements and the imagination to turn fantasy into reality.
"Jessica The HK Domme" Mistress

Jessica The HK Domme

Hong Kong

Hong Kong local Mistress wants to abuse and use
"Queen Medusa" Mistress

queen medusa

Hong Kong

I will own you and you will like it. I will break you and you will love it.
"Mistress Pippa" Mistress

Mistress Pippa

Hong Kong

I am a professional English Dominatrix and an independent lifestyle Domina. I love foot worship, bondage, CBT, watersports and more. I await your servitude.
"Domina Mandy" Mistress

Domina Mandy

Hong Kong

Dare you let your dreams become reality?? Do you yearn to experience the humility and pain of submission to the will of another??
"Countess Von Kink" Mistress

Countess Von Kink

New York City

My name is Countess Von Kink, I am an experienced and fully equipped English Dominatrix and fetish model. I take pleasure in teasing, dominating and manipulating men, adore dressing up and playing games.
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Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world and although a small island it has a bustling and exciting adult industry that has been built up over many years. Often finding a Mistress in Hong Kong can be difficult. What you tend to find more often are Hong Kong escorts who may turn their hand some some very specific requests for domination activities and role play. However, it still remains a challenge to find a truly dedicated and professional Hong Kong Mistress, we hope that we have gone some way to helping you in this pursuit.

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