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Find a California Dominatrix. Sadistic Mistress is home to one of the world's premier directories of female mistresses and dominatrix. We aim to make finding the perfect California Mistress as easy as it can be. Find the best local Domina for all sorts of fetish.

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"Leann" Mistress



"Queen Naomi NYC" Mistress

Queen Naomi NYC

New York City

A rare opportunity to meet a sophisticated Queen. You yearn to submit and be objectified for my entertainment while I expand your horizon. Accept your fate, once the door is closed you are truly my toy. Professional Sadist.
"Ms Rani Lane" Mistress

Ms Rani Lane

Las Vegas

Are you seeking a judgement-free experience where you can allow your deepest fantasies to become reality?
"Goddess Of Pain" Mistress

Goddess of pain

San Francisco

Experienced Dom with a passion for exploration and pushing boundaries. Skilled in understanding and fulfilling submissive desires.
"CoCo" Mistress



You'll either be addicted or afraid, usually addicted.
"Tiffany" Mistress


Los Angeles

I"m a stunning, smart, and sexy asian mistress. u will be eager to be dominated by me.
"Ritual" Mistress



6 ft 2 Gothic Goddess
"Mistress Jezebel Chi" Mistress

Mistress Jezebel Chi

Los Angeles

Asian Dominatrix in Los Angeles
"Mirtress Mina Mercury" Mistress

Mirtress Mina Mercury

Los Angeles

LA Dominatrix. Super hot and ready to meet new slaves and subs.
"Mistress Succubus" Mistress

Mistress Succubus

Los Angeles

Who doesnt like a little bit of pain wioth a side of humiliation?
"Curvy63200" Mistress


Long Beach

My beauty is marvelous and otherworldly. The sublime privilege of being able to look upon my face is only given to those who have been deemed worthy.
"Mistress Mae Ling" Mistress

Mistress Mae Ling

Los Angeles

Nonjudgmental dominatrix, holding a safe space for exploration
"Stacy" Mistress



Real bad ass bitch you will find very interesting to serve. True goddess of your world who glean enjoyments in inflicting corporal punishments, CBT...and
"Janet" Mistress


Santa Clara

****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Jenah" Mistress



****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Allen" Mistress



****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Mistress Melody" Mistress

Mistress Melody

Los Angeles

Whether you are seeking a warm, sensuous, and erotic session, or a sadistic, ball busting, cruel one, you will find them all rolled up into one with My unique play style.
"Mistress Gabrielle" Mistress

Mistress Gabrielle

Los Angeles

Mistress Gabrielle Italian American Swedish Brunette Domina
"Morganne King" Mistress

Morganne King

San Francisco

MORGANNE KING | SAN FRANCISCO DOMINATRIX | LUXURY FLR GODDESS Opulent FemDom & Transformational Service Training for the discerning submissive | IRL & Virtual Training
"MistressLeann" Mistress



"MistressLeann" Mistress


Long Beach

"Goddess Severa" Mistress

Goddess Severa

Los Angeles

I am the incomparable Goddess Severa, a 6’5” Amazon who combines both the beauty of a model with the kinkiness of a Dominatrix
"Mistress Croix" Mistress

Mistress Croix

Los Angeles

A lifestyle dominant, controlling, correcting, feminizing, and otherwise perfecting the males who cross my path for over a decade.
"Tattooed Raven" Mistress

Tattooed Raven

Long Beach

20+ years exp, I have the dominance beyond others. I will not crumble. Seen it all. I demand complete control. Skilled with floggers, whips, knife/needle, wax, pain, sensation, role, cuck, etc. You cover cost of meeting space.
"LEGACY Los Angeles" Mistress

LEGACY Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Exquisite Professional and Lifestyle Mistresses available for private sessions at Legacy BDSM Studios Los Angeles
"Lady White & Mistress Black" Mistress

Lady White & Mistress Black

Orange County

"DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE BDSM" Two skilled Dominatrix ready to ruin you. Looking for the perfect doms to punish or praise you have found just the right place.
"Mistress Lux" Mistress

Mistress Lux

San Francisco

My natural inclination is to veer toward the sensual side of punishment—whispered commands and a lightly threatening touch. Even at my my most sadistic, my approach is elegant and composed.
"Divine Ruler Ororo Snow" Mistress

Divine Ruler Ororo Snow


****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Mistress Rita" Mistress

Mistress Rita


Extremely dominant woman who always likes too get her own way,if you’ve got the balls.
"Mistress Lark" Mistress

Mistress Lark

Los Angeles

Mistress Lark is a premier Los Angeles dominatrix and true sadist. Her favorite sluts are authentic, lifestyle slaves, seeking irreversible
"Mistress K" Mistress

Mistress K

San Diego

Mistress, in need of Sub to teach, rain and own as her own personal Sub. I will give to you all the fetishes training you desire and makes you my one and only pet.
"Mistress Molly" Mistress

mistress molly


Am a mistress looking for a submissive slave to dominate
"Linda Dickson" Mistress

Linda Dickson

San Diego

I’m an alpha dom, been a dom for years now and seeking for a loyal, honest and humble submissive ready to serve me and worship every part of my body, treat me like a queen.
"Mistress KYRA" Mistress

Mistress KYRA

Los Angeles

You are worthless until proven otherwise. Through service you find purpose That burning desire you feel to worship me - embrace it Bend to my desires Live to serve Mistress KYRA
"Scarlet Lowry" Mistress

Scarlet Lowry


A Deaf redhead who enjoy dominate her subs. ❤️
"Becky David" Mistress

Becky David

Los Angeles

I’m ready for anyone who is wiling to be my property? explore the new world with me as your mistress?
"Mistress Lust" Mistress

Mistress lust

Los Angeles

A strict experienced mistress looking for long-term slave/sub Always available on Kik misskatherine58
"Domina V De Luxe" Mistress

Domina V De Luxe

San Luis Obispo

Longtime B&D, S&M enthusiast and always learning or practicing new tricks. Been into IRL sessions since My teens. I have a private well equipped dungeon in San Luis Obispo, CA where I do real-time sessions from 1hr to 11hr. Email Me or call. DVDL
"Carolyn" Mistress



Submit to me and let me take full control of your life.
"Goddess Evie" Mistress

Goddess Evie


You'll spend every waking hour finding new ways to please me!
"Mistress Charlotte Flair" Mistress

Mistress Charlotte Flair

Los Angeles

I'm a smart girl, independent, sexy, I like to dominate both in bed and in everyday life.
"Mistress Anne" Mistress

Mistress Anne

Los Angeles

I'm cruel mistress,need a good submissive to be owned,or book a sessions with me. .
"Domina Mara" Mistress

Domina Mara

Los Angeles

My personal stature has been described as female with a masculine perspective. Power exchange and impact will both be harsh and gentle depending on the flick of my wrist, mimicking my fierce and sensual moods.
"Fuck You" Mistress

Fuck you

Los Angeles

I am a true dominatrix in that I thrive on being in control. I am playful and love to tease and I can be very strict to you naughty naughty boys.
"Domme Diamond" Mistress

Domme Diamond


Amazon Domina of 10 years has openings in her stable... No couples or bullshit I have no time for it...Yes im a bitch Domina
"Joi Savage" Mistress

Joi Savage

Los Angeles

Sensual and Sadistic. I'm the Sadist next door. I love to be worshipped in Full Latex and Leather. Let's have some kinky fun, be my slave and let me tempt and toy with you. I'll give you an experience you will never forget.
"Angie" Mistress


Los Angeles

Hello slaves, if you want to be in the presence of a true Goddess then at my feet is where you need to be. I will bring both pleasure and pain and it will be your honor to worship and adore me. Im your new favorite drug, come get addicted to me.
"Lilith Kat" Mistress

Lilith Kat

Orange County

I am based in orange county, CA. I travel nationwide often.
"Mistress Lady B" Mistress

Mistress Lady B

Los Angeles

Am a sensual yet strict black dominatrix ready to put all you weak white boys in your place; beneath my feet. I enjoy ass and foot worship, bondage and restraints,flogging, spanking, whipping,trampling, cbt,pegging, edging,tease and denial etc
"Domina Crane" Mistress

Domina Crane

San Francisco

My style is warm and elegant, whether I'm binding a submissive with ropes or a softly spoken command.
"Domina Lynette" Mistress

Domina Lynette


Domina Lynette is a natural Domina based in Chicago and LA
"Ms Affliction" Mistress

Ms Affliction


Respecting limits. Ms Affliction is available in Sacramento.
"Mistress Chloe" Mistress

Mistress Chloe


My name is Miss Chloe Rose. I have personally trained countless pets in My home and My Dungeon over the last 5 years. I have very select deep D/s connections with My pets.
"Mistress Courtney" Mistress

Mistress Courtney

Los Angeles

Give in...there is no use trying to fight it. Inevitably the time will come when you realize what’s happened. At this moment you will know your place
"An Li" Mistress

An Li

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Asian dominatrix, gleeful sadist, Stockholme Syndrome enthusiast, and booty extraordinaire.
"Miss Vicious" Mistress

Miss Vicious


Elite Femdom; Cruel Lolita Money Mistress
"Mistress Sterling" Mistress

Mistress Sterling

Los Angeles

I am a classic Mistress, with a taste for extreme and unusual. My studio is located in Los Angeles
"Hannah Hunt" Mistress

Hannah Hunt

Los Angeles

Let your mask melt & be reborn into the ultimate slave you are meant to be under My guidance.
"Mistress Vlada" Mistress

Mistress vlada

Orange County

I am Professional Orange County Dominatrix.
"Mistress Victoria Hunter" Mistress

Mistress Victoria Hunter

Orange County

Italian/Dutch... Disciplinarian, Role-play Specialist, Humiliatrix, Fetish & Mind Manipulator for distinguished gentlemen. 5???��?�?9 tall, busty, slender & tone.
"DTLA Dominas" Mistress

DTLA Dominas

Los Angeles

"The Goddess Asia" Mistress

The Goddess Asia

Los Angeles

Hello, I am like no other Domme you will EVER meet. I will connect with you on a whole new Level. Only I know how to take you beyond your Pleasure Senses and make you feel Whole again.
"Mistress Justine Cross" Mistress

Mistress Justine Cross

Los Angeles

Looking for the best Los Angeles dominatrix? Search no further.
"Mistress Elizabeth" Mistress

Mistress Elizabeth


Mistress Elizabeth, a stunningly beautiful, blonde, French Dominatrix that is both confident and competent in all areas of BDSM she chooses to specialize in. Her years of experience have taught her there is more to domination than plain severity.
"Princess Fawn" Mistress

Princess Fawn

Los Angeles

Surrender to Los Angeles Foot Fetish Domme Princess Fawn, the bratty blonde next door.
"Penelope Lovecraft" Mistress

Penelope Lovecraft

Los Angeles

Mistress ready to push limits...
"Eny" Mistress



unlike any i break the standards and build the unique, the beautiful and terrifying out of the remains of the status quo.



"Den Of Iniquity LA" Mistress

Den of Iniquity LA

Los Angeles

"Mistress Kim Ronin" Mistress

Mistress Kim Ronin

Los Angeles

Intelligent and highly educated Asian Goddess. The road to Her stable is paved with your complete servility.
"Siren Savannah" Mistress

Siren Savannah

Los Angeles

That sweet girl you always hoped was a kinky freak ;)
"MistressXTC" Mistress



Mistress XTC "The Fine Line Between Pleasure & Pain
"Baroness Kitty" Mistress

Baroness Kitty

Los Angeles

"Mistress Mystique" Mistress

Mistress Mystique

Los Angeles

The Ultimate Caribbean Queen-Bitch. Mistress Mystique specialize in men's annihilation. Champagne & caviar, sissification, humiliation!
"Mistress Olivia" Mistress

Mistress Olivia

Los Angeles

Russian born Domina residing in Los Angeles with a true passion and an extensive knowledge of BDSM
"Izabel" Mistress


San Diego

I am your Mature,Sexy Latin Mistress. I am waiting to play.
"Mistress KittyDoll" Mistress

Mistress KittyDoll

Los Angeles

Seductive, busty pink-haired TS Goddess
"Domina Zinc" Mistress

Domina Zinc

New York City

NYC-based Pro Domme, Eccentric, Perceptive, & Creative. Specializing in Feminization, Dollification, Maid Training, and more.
"Empress Juicy" Mistress

Empress Juicy

San Francisco

I Am Empress Juicy, A Exotic Asian Mixed Dominant... Sensual, Captivating, and Sadistically Wicked... Submit And Surrender Your All As I Unleash Your Darkest Erotic Fantasies and Naughtiest Fetishes.
"Lady Jessica" Mistress

Lady Jessica

Los Angeles

I am currently based out of Sanctuary in Los Angeles, and looking for submissives and slaves to see on a professional basis for sessions.
"Mistress Texaz" Mistress

Mistress Texaz


Supreme Domination Through Decadence


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Mistress Marcella" Mistress

Mistress Marcella

Los Angeles

Are you in need of an old fashioned spanking with the hairbrush or paddle? I am waiting for you to confess your need to be corrected. I can promise you a tingling bottom when I'm done.
"Mistress Mariana" Mistress

Mistress Mariana


Sadistic and sensual, demanding and dynamic Mistress for sincere training and extended sessions.
"Mistress Selina Minx" Mistress

Mistress Selina Minx

Los Angeles

Mistress Minx has a passion for being worshiped as a living Goddess... Although she is definitely a dark, demanding warrior Goddess.
"Mistress Mina" Mistress

Mistress Mina

Los Angeles

Dominant Humiliatrix and Sadistic Mistress. I enjoy mental manipulation and boundary expansion.
"Mistress Eden" Mistress

Mistress Eden

Los Angeles

The most beautiful black Dominatrix iso a real slave.Worldwide travel, all fetishes considered.
"Mistress Lotus Ming" Mistress

Mistress Lotus Ming

Los Angeles

Inviting you into My World....
"Domina Sedona Scorpion" Mistress

Domina Sedona Scorpion

Orange County

Welcome to the Scorpion Dungeon. My stinger is sharp and ready to torment.
"Mistress Eva Divine" Mistress

Mistress Eva Divine

San Francisco

Mistress Eva Divine- Elite latex fetish Domina and fetish model (San Francisco based). Professional Domination, Financial Domination, and more.
"Mistress Stephanie Locke" Mistress

Mistress Stephanie Locke


I am Mistress Stephanie Locke, Hollywood's Premiere Mistress. Visit My site (and Me) if you crave sophisticated dominance, exquisite fetish fashion...
"Ms Eden Winter" Mistress

Ms Eden Winter

Los Angeles

As a professional and lifestyle Domina I pride Myself on being creative, knowledgeable, and real.
"Mistress Kaila Yi" Mistress

Mistress Kaila Yi

Los Angeles

Breathtakingly beautiful, highly skilled, sensual and demanding Japanese-Korean Dominatrix based in Los Angeles, CA.
"Mistress Britannia Canes" Mistress

Mistress Britannia Canes

San Francisco

As My name indicates, I am a true artist with My Cane. From mild to severe, I can apply the right amount of strokes to send you home either severely marked, or wishing you had let Me leave a little reminder of My session on your rear end.
"Goddess Satvia" Mistress

Goddess Satvia

Los Angeles

Being an assertive, strong, independent and gorgeous young lady led me to discover my power over men at an early age. Ever since my teenage years I have been driven by a deep desire to explore BDSM fantasies and fetishes.
"The Chateau" Mistress

The Chateau

Los Angeles

The ONLY "Legally licensed FULLY NUDITY BDSM establishment" in Los Angeles!
"Goddess Lady Alex" Mistress

Goddess Lady Alex


I really LOVE to play! I playing off the energy of my client. I go with that energy and that is how I conduct my sessions. I can be light playful and having lots of laughs, or I can be VERY strict and demanding.
"Mistress Liliane Hunt" Mistress

Mistress Liliane Hunt

San Francisco

Perhaps it is the discipline of the Teacher or Governess that is required, a firm over the knee hand spanking, or perhaps for a more serious offense the strap, or cane. Petticoat discipline might need to be administered.
"Domina Bailey" Mistress

Domina Bailey

San Francisco

You work hard, every day. Your life is stressful enough, with all the responsibilities you have. Domina Bailey is ready to transform you from a strong, confident man into a slave toy.
"Mistress Lea" Mistress

Mistress Lea


I am a strict mistress, requiring complete submission and servitude from my subjects. I stand about 5'5 am busty naturally and have tiny waist.
"Mistress Violette" Mistress

Mistress Violette

Los Angeles

Long legged, Film Noir Fetish Femme Fatale... I love sensuality and sadism mixed into one...
"Mistress Georgia" Mistress

Mistress Georgia

Los Angeles

I am now an independent Mistress with My own private stable of slaves. I am at a very content stage in My life. Most of the slaves that are new to Me have done their research and are extremely compatible.
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