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Welcome to the home of the best Hollywood Mistress profiles on the internet. We feature Hollywood Dommes who offer professional Dominatrix services and lifestyle Domiantion sessions for slaves and submissives in the Hollywood area.  This is home to one of the world's premier directories of female mistresses and dominatrix.  Finding what you are looking for could not be easier and we have lots more to satisfy your kinky needs right here.  Browse our collection of popular Hollywood Mistress and Hollywood Dommes.

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"Curvy63200" Mistress


Long Beach

My beauty is marvelous and otherworldly. The sublime privilege of being able to look upon my face is only given to those who have been deemed worthy.
"Stacy" Mistress



Real bad ass bitch you will find very interesting to serve. True goddess of your world who glean enjoyments in inflicting corporal punishments, CBT...and
"Allen" Mistress



****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Jennifer" Mistress


Long Beach

I’m an alpha dom, been a dom for years now and seeking for a loyal, honest and humble submissive ready to serve me and worship every part of my body, treat me like a queen
"Mistress Jenne" Mistress

Mistress Jenne

Long Beach

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction. L.A-based Pro Domme, Eccentric, Perceptive, & Creative.
"MistressLeann" Mistress



"Tattooed Raven" Mistress

Tattooed Raven

Long Beach

20+ years exp, I have the dominance beyond others. I will not crumble. Seen it all. I demand complete control. Skilled with floggers, whips, knife/needle, wax, pain, sensation, role, cuck, etc. You cover cost of meeting space.
"Miss Vicious" Mistress

Miss Vicious


Elite Femdom; Cruel Lolita Money Mistress
"Mistress Elizabeth" Mistress

Mistress Elizabeth


Mistress Elizabeth, a stunningly beautiful, blonde, French Dominatrix that is both confident and competent in all areas of BDSM she chooses to specialize in. Her years of experience have taught her there is more to domination than plain severity.
"Domina Zinc" Mistress

Domina Zinc

New York City

NYC-based Pro Domme, Eccentric, Perceptive, & Creative. Specializing in Feminization, Dollification, Maid Training, and more.
"Empress Juicy" Mistress

Empress Juicy

San Francisco

I Am Empress Juicy, A Exotic Asian Mixed Dominant... Sensual, Captivating, and Sadistically Wicked... Submit And Surrender Your All As I Unleash Your Darkest Erotic Fantasies and Naughtiest Fetishes.


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Mistress Marcella" Mistress

Mistress Marcella

Los Angeles

Are you in need of an old fashioned spanking with the hairbrush or paddle? I am waiting for you to confess your need to be corrected. I can promise you a tingling bottom when I'm done.
"Mistress Selina Minx" Mistress

Mistress Selina Minx

Los Angeles

Mistress Minx has a passion for being worshiped as a living Goddess... Although she is definitely a dark, demanding warrior Goddess.
"Mistress Stephanie Locke" Mistress

Mistress Stephanie Locke


I am Mistress Stephanie Locke, Hollywood's Premiere Mistress. Visit My site (and Me) if you crave sophisticated dominance, exquisite fetish fashion...
"Goddess Lady Alex" Mistress

Goddess Lady Alex


I really LOVE to play! I playing off the energy of my client. I go with that energy and that is how I conduct my sessions. I can be light playful and having lots of laughs, or I can be VERY strict and demanding.
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