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Dominatrix in Florida

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"Mistress Luna Caine" Mistress

Mistress Luna Caine

Fort Lauderdale

Alluring, Powerful and Cruel
"Goddess Naomi" Mistress

Goddess Naomi

Fort Lauderdale

Know your place, or be shown your place.
"Leann Ward" Mistress

Leann Ward

Mohave County

"Stern Mistress Miss Lea" Mistress

Stern Mistress Miss Lea

St Petersburg

A mature Matron provider of Disciplinary corrections. I'm over 50 Not a leather Mistress besides occasionally boots. My specialty services are OTK spanking I do not offer services in a dungeon type setting Absolutely no texts
"Ms.Draven" Mistress


West Palm Beach

Sensually sadistic curvy Dominatrix
"CoCo" Mistress



You'll either be addicted or afraid, usually addicted.
"Madame Hope" Mistress

Madame Hope

Palm Beach County

Lifestyle Professional Domme. Safety, discretion and communication are first priority.
"Domina Khloe" Mistress

Domina Khloe

Tampa A pro domina with a lifestyle feel. What's been lurking in your erotic pysche? I love diving deeper and deeper into a subs taboo urges.
"Mistress Sophia" Mistress

Mistress Sophia


I'm Mistress Sophia.With my commanding presence, I hold callers in my thrall, catering to submissives, sissies, and crossdressers who worship at my feet.
"Peggy Stonehouse" Mistress

peggy stonehouse


I am strong , dominate and strong willed come and see for yourself
"Mistress Kassandra" Mistress

Mistress Kassandra


Miami, Fl, United States Mistress doing BDSM sessions in Miami, Florida offering feminization, humiliation, trampling, foot worship, corporal punishment, mommy dom.
"Rose" Mistress



****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Luna Mistress" Mistress

Luna mistress

West Palm Beach

Im LUNA mistress and vicious pro-domme looking for new slaves! I take pleasure in torturing and controlling my victims.
"Your Thighness" Mistress

Your Thighness

Fort Myers

I enjoy submissive men as well as submissive women. Pick a category and let's play. If you can handle the pleasure of me controlling your life and entertaining myself with your pain, then you might have a chance to bask in my glory.
"Total Domenation" Mistress

Total Domenation

Fort Lauderdale

My Domination sessions may include a wide variety of the fetishes. Get in touch with Goddess. Offer your detailed fantasies, bookings & special requests.
"Mistress Kayte" Mistress

Mistress Kayte

Fort Lauderdale

I am that diamond forged by pressure until damn near perfect. In my mid-thirties with a genuine hourglass shape, full natural lips and workout often enough to have a heart-shaped ass
"Goddess Elektra" Mistress

Goddess Elektra

Fort Lauderdale

Lesbian Dominatrix with a love of male slaves and kinky couples.
"Mistress Lacy" Mistress

Mistress Lacy

Daytona Beach

With 14 years of full-time experience, I have been perfecting my craft of professional domination with a keen eye and an open mind
"Elizabeth Toppz" Mistress

Elizabeth Toppz


Shemale Mistress Elizabeth Toppz here. I am Puerto Rican in central Fl. Not a switch total Top here. Always looking for Dedicated Subs. This strictly Professional not here to entertained BS online. Do Not Waste my time.
"Amanda Queen" Mistress

Amanda queen

Fort Myers

Call me for Detail
"Goddess Ezada" Mistress

Goddess Ezada


I’m a full time goddess Ezada
"Mistress London" Mistress

Mistress London

Fort Lauderdale

Sweet and vicious pro-domme looking for new victims and playthings
"Belle Domina" Mistress

Belle Domina


Sadistic Goddess tease temptress. Experienced BDSM player available for almost all your BDSM/fetish needs.
"Goddess BK" Mistress

Goddess BK

West Palm Beach

Welcome to the world of the strikingly beautiful Princess Kash. She will seduce and enslave anyone she desires and once she has you wrapped around her little finger, she will take great delight in your suffering and anguish as you push beyond
"Mistress Eva" Mistress

Mistress Eva

Palm Beach County

Bondage, light to extreme. Available for most roleplay needs
"Mistress Mercy" Mistress

Mistress Mercy

Fort Lauderdale

Hello gentlemen, Experienced MISTRESS travelling around between the USA and the UK Spending half my time in both places.
"Empress Of Servus" Mistress

Empress of servus

Fort Myers

Empress of servus - If you know the translation, you know what to expect. I'm the High Class Dominatrix you won't get out of your head.
"Madame Lyra" Mistress

Madame Lyra

St Augustine

I'm very sensual and kinky and a devious Goddess by lifestyle! I have gained my excellent reputation from Canada and Germany! I am here in St. Augustine to share it with you!
"MsEbonybbwDomme" Mistress



"Britney Bond" Mistress

Britney Bond


Hot blond domme takes you on adventures into kink. Fully equipped private, safe and discreet fetish studio located in Tampa.
"Mistress ShanelG" Mistress

Mistress ShanelG

Fort Myers

IM A Black Caribbean Mistress.
"Domina Prett" Mistress

Domina prett

Fort Myers

Black bbw queen mother here to train and get all her sissies bois in line.
"Goddess Shanel" Mistress

Goddess Shanel

Daytona Beach

Are you ready to worship the divine feminine Goddess herself? Submission to me will be your best decision. I am Goddess Shanel. Here for the dominating, punishing, humiliating and exploiting of of those seeking true submission.
"Tara Juliana" Mistress

Tara Juliana


Calling all cross dressing sissy sluts, bondage whores, toilet boys and fetishists.
"Estelle Sinclair" Mistress

Estelle Sinclair


Sexuality, Power, and Alpha Femininity. Indulge in the skilled sophistication of elite domination with Mistress Estelle Sinclair.
"Aryan Goddess" Mistress

Aryan Goddess


hello slaves, subs , sissies and fetish boys! Mistress is Superior and loves to put subs in their Place. Mistress enjoys so many aspects of Fetish/Domination it really depends on the interaction and dynamics of each person.
"Mistress Mona" Mistress

Mistress Mona


South Florida's most erotic Ebony Dominatrix will have you bound with desires!
"Goddess Gypsy" Mistress

Goddess Gypsy


South Florida MSN/SRNA True Medical-Surgical Mistress Practitioner and ultimate GODDESS. TWO Fully-Equipped Dungeons: Chic Luxury Lair Clinic in Aventura, FL, and Gilded Goddess Temple in E.Boca/Delray.
"Goddess Sombra" Mistress

Goddess Sombra

Palm Beach County

I am a fetish Goddess, South Florida Dominatrix and sadistic Mistress.
"Amor Payne" Mistress

Amor Payne


Are you ready to please me??? and do what I say??? or I'll have you sore for days!!!
"Mistress-Eris" Mistress


Fort Myers

I am an experienced pro-domme located in South West Florida. I have always been a dominant and very assertive person, so being a Mistress is something I was born to do. I love being worshipped and being treated like the Goddess I am!
"Goddess Rachel" Mistress

Goddess Rachel

Fort Lauderdale

Captivating black Mistress wielding power and intrigue!
"Mistress Madison Paige" Mistress

Mistress Madison Paige


Yes you say... Music to my ears... I do love the sound!
"Hott Blonde Goddess" Mistress

Hott Blonde Goddess

Fort Lauderdale

Worship & Obey The Hott Blonde Nordic Goddess
"Mistress Emilie" Mistress

Mistress Emilie


Extreme, Wicked, Forceful, Mistress EmileI will fulfill the hunger of your nasty needs and dirty deeds!
"Miss Vicious Kitty Bliss" Mistress

Miss Vicious Kitty Bliss


Abduction aficionado. Extortionist extraordinaire. A connoisseur of crossdressers and bon vivant of bondage. Miss Vicious is the epitome of extravagance in the world of BDSM.
"Sexy Miss" Mistress

sexy miss


only in fort Lauderdale for a few weeks! email my and make ur appointment
"Madame Ruby" Mistress

Madame Ruby


You know you want to be under my feet. You know you want me to have you strapped down and bent over. You know you want to escape into my world. What are your deepest kinky fantasies? Bondage, Discipline, Foot Worship, Sissification?
"Mistress Indeep" Mistress

Mistress Indeep


Florida's most renown STRAP ON DILDO DOMINATRIX. A specialist with over 25 years experience, I stress the erotic and senuous side of fem dom more than the punishment side. But I am experienced and skilled in all the domination arts!


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Maitresse Kristian Montparnasse" Mistress

Maitresse Kristian Montparnasse


Gorgeous, no-nonsense, controlling Female Supremacist!
"Mistress Countessa" Mistress

Mistress Countessa

Fort Lauderdale

‘Pro-Dominatrix Extraordinaire’ & ‘Professional Mind Molester’ with a decade of experience in the art of BDSM, seeks submissive males/ Females and/or Couples who wish to session with a Mistress of supreme skill, intellect and empyrean beauty
"Goddess Aura" Mistress

Goddess Aura


The Lady Sadist
"Goddess Rachel Aka Lady Laura Powell" Mistress

Goddess Rachel aka Lady Laura Powell

Fort Lauderdale

Beautiful Sensual Stern Black Mistress, 20 plus years in BDSM. I am highly skilled and wickedly creative in all forms of slave training and fetish play. You may session with me in real time and telphone/cam.
"YasMeen" Mistress


New York City

I am Mistress & the perfect infusion of exotic petite beauty and edgy dominatrix sadistic energy. My naturally dominant tendencies have provided Me the ability to pursue My passions of dominance.
"Mistress Godiva" Mistress

Mistress Godiva


Greetings subbies and kinksters! I am Godiva, the Carolinas Premier Dominatrix. I have been an avid equestrian and Dominant personality from an early age.
"Mistress Patti" Mistress

Mistress Patti


I'm an experienced Dominant Woman centrally located in Orlando, Florida.
"Mistress Lola" Mistress

Mistress Lola


I have been a practicing Dominatrix for over 8 years now, I strongly believe that My professional experience as a Lifestyle Diva/ Dominatrix will let me guide you to find your deepest fantasies and desires
"Mistress Butter" Mistress

Mistress Butter


I am Princess Butter, the Black Princess, goddess and temptress you have been waiting to serve your entire life.
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Finding a Florida Mistress could not be easier. There is plenty to satisfy your kinky needs right here.

To get started with a Florida Dominatrix, browse the Florida Mistress directory. There are links to the worlds finest dominatrix. So whether you are looking to discover the next best Miami Mistress or a sexy Orland Dominatrix, you are at the right place. Search their sites and take a look at what you can experience today with a Florida Mistress.

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Retired Florida Domina

  • Mistress Flame's Dungeon, Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Mistress Stern, St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Goddess Rachel, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

The state's capital is Tallahassee, and its most famous city of Jacksonville is home to several renowned Dominatrix. With a population of almost 6.2 million, the Miami area is where you might expect to find the most Domina in Florida. After all, Miami is the seventh-most populous city in the United States.  Other popular places are Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

How Fetish Can Strengthen Relationships

Florida's vibrant and diverse scene offers a fascinating lens to explore the psychology of fetish and its potential impact on relationships.  While some might see fetishes as disruptive forces, a closer look reveals how healthy exploration within the fetish scene can actually enrich and strengthen long-term partnerships.

This article, for a psychology magazine, delves into the idea that a healthy outlet for fetish desires can contribute to a couple's overall well-being. Here's how Florida's scene can play a role:

Reduced Relationship Strain

Many fetishes fall outside the realm of what a long-term partner might be comfortable with.  Florida's scene provides a safe space for individuals to explore these desires without putting pressure on their partner. This reduces strain within the relationship and allows for a more fulfilling sex life within the established boundaries of the couple.

Better Communication

Open communication is vital in any relationship, and discussing fetishes can be a catalyst for deeper understanding and intimacy.  By acknowledging these desires and seeking outlets outside the relationship, couples can foster a sense of trust and acceptance.

Personal Growth

Exploring fetishes in a controlled environment can be a journey of self-discovery.  The act of venturing outside one's comfort zone in the fetish scene can lead to increased self-confidence and a deeper understanding of personal desires. This newfound self-awareness can then translate into a more fulfilling emotional connection within the relationship.

Maintaining Mystery and Excitement

Long-term relationships can sometimes fall into a routine.  Knowing your partner has outlets for exploring desires outside the relationship can add a spark of mystery and intrigue.  This can keep the flame of passion alive within the committed partnership.

It's important to emphasize that healthy boundaries and open communication are key.  Exploring the fetish scene should be done with the knowledge and consent of the long-term partner.  Additionally, safety and responsible behavior are paramount.

Florida's thriving fetish scene offers a chance to explore the complex interplay between desire, communication, and intimacy.  By acknowledging the potential benefits, couples can leverage the scene to strengthen their bond and create a more fulfilling long-term relationship.

Disclaimer: This article explores the potential positive impacts of fetish exploration on relationships. It is crucial to prioritize open communication and responsible behavior within the scene. Consider seeking professional guidance if navigating these topics proves challenging.


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