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Miss Vicious Kitty Bliss from Miami - Mistress
Miss Vicious Kitty Bliss
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Miss Vicious Kitty Bliss

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Abduction aficionado. Extortionist extraordinaire. A connoisseur of crossdressers and bon vivant of bondage. Miss Vicious is the epitome of extravagance in the world of BDSM.

A Few Words About Me...


I am a Professional Mistress to the wayward explorer still lost in the wilderness, and to the learned, humble gentleman who already knows his place. Ruling with a silver tongue and an iron fist, I am persuasive in My methods and relentless in My demands. As a Woman I am keenly aware of My commanding presence and inherent power. I haven't need for theatrics nor a throne to coerce your subjugation.  I haven't an ego to satisfy with superficial proclamations. To ramble on regarding My dominance is redundant and to boast of My beauty is unnecessary. I am the singular most formidable force of nature in your world of taboo. Equipped with the most pacifying of weapons in a war you can never win, I am sexually superior. I am an Alpha Female, paramount above the prideful, impulsive species. Intuitive, nimble and cunning, it takes no effort neutralize the inferior sex with only a word... or a glance.  I walk with quiet grace, speak with poetic eloquence, and command with unchallenged authority.  I do not seek to control or attempt to dominate - I am in control, and I embrace My dominance.

With over ten years of extensive, hands on experience as a lifestyle Domme, I am master of a myriad of paraphilia and perversions. Whether you have an inexplicable urge to be emasculated or a penchant or punishment, I am conductor of your fantastic voyage into the world of fetishism. Being a well traveled, highly astute, keenly observant and richly imaginative Woman lends its trappings beautifully to the arts of BDSM. An avid scholar pursuing My Masters in field of psychology, and voracious intellectual in the historical and cultural studies of human sexuality, I am quite the formidable Maitresse. Few Mistresses can claim to truly understand the psyche of the submissive, or the complexities of the framework of fetishism. As I have long had a special interest in the realm of taboos, I have spent years researching the philosophy of uncommon fixations. And as a real time Domina, I am not only practiced, but proficient in the subject of subjugation. 


My insatiable appetite for carnal knowledge and personal gratification brings Me here to call on the wayward and unfulfilled to offer direction and purpose in their otherwise mundane and fruitless existence.  Gone are the days of distance training by courier where the submissive is left in exile to pine away, as the luxury of technological advances affords one the very privileged opportunity to interact and engage in far more intimate and rewarding ways than were previously available, before this virtual world came to be. Because not every submissive who desires My counsel has the means to serve, honor, and obey Me via live session, I now provide both phone and video conferencing in a variety of exclusive, private channels, as well as email and penned letter correspondence to scratch that incessant itch of yours.

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Main location: Miami


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