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Mistress Elizabeth Payne from Liverpool - Mistress
Mistress Elizabeth Payne
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Mistress Elizabeth Payne

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It is my dominance and your subservience to me is all that is required of you. Always remember your place is beneath me at all times. I am an established Professional Mistress with a fully equipped underground dungeon with safe parking facilities.

A Few Words About Me...


I will only ever be your Fantasy if you don"t make contact with me, You will never know the touch of my hand, my warm breath upon your neck, the moist warmth between my thighs, You can"t hide from the desire that you have locked within you. I maybe be bad but I"m perfectly good at what I do and offer as I have been a professional Mistress for a very long time and have many devoted slaves, disciples who have followed me and worshipped me and done my bidding throughout the years. Whips and chains excite me and I know they do you to other wise you would not be at my website, let me show you how beautiful pain can be . Let your fantasy become reality discover a journey you have so long wish to have taken and not just a mirrored dream that you look at in your minds eye .

My sessions consist of being sadism .erotic , sensual .You may try to dismiss me from your mind ,but like the sea that comes onto the sand , either calm or in big waves that"s how I will come into your thoughts, I welcome new novices to enter the world that I was born to be a part of and belong in and those who wish to be apart of my life can do so by making an appointment with me. I enjoy stripping a man from his identity and I"m ready to place the collar around his neck whispering in his ear , You belong to me now . I also have another Mistress and a TV Mistress who joins in on my sessions, if you want that extra service please beg for those details

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Main location: Liverpool

Covered locations: Liverpool, Merseyside


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