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Lady Leyla from Reading - Mistress
Lady Leyla
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  • Ballbusting
  • BDSM
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  • Bondage
  • Breath Control
  • Caning
  • CBT
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Lady Leyla

Age: 41 - 45

Nationality: British


I delightfully offer punishment with style and elegance and pure cruelty. I have a seductive and exclusive dungeon from which I WILL dominate and torment. From the moment you enter my realm, you are at my mercy.

A Few Words About Me...

I EXPECT faultless obedience, submission and dedication from my slaves. I AM in control. You WILL serve, obey and submit to me. I will NOT tolerate disobedience, time wasting or disrespectful subs in any way. I can suspend or withdraw your slave status at any time if you displease me.

DO NOT be fooled by my beauty or innocent demeanour. I am an alpha. Confident with a natural desire to dominate and control. I am an experienced Mistress with over 9 years as a ProDomme. Royal Holloway educated - an intellectual who enjoys exploring and participating in BDSM boundaries, Psychology, Fetishes, Fantasies and submission.

I am not a cruel, unfeeling or heartless Mistress - Those traits are not BDSM. BUT I do expect and demand faultless obedience, submission and dedication from all those who kneel before Me; whether it's weekly sessions, monthly or a few times a year.

I take pleasure in being in control, manipulating and pushing boundaries. Granting submissives opportunities to explore and fulfil their wildest or unique fantasies, explore different facets of their sexuality and share these experiences with Me. Creating a positive and fulfilling BDSM experience is essential.

The qualities in a good Mistress are many and varied and in reality the qualities are attributed to the PERSON. There are many so called Mistress' who do not know the difference between being dominant and being domineering. A domineering person thinks that it's all about being overbearing, aggressive, loud and tyrannical – control is exercised in an oppressive manner and enforced through an unjust and severe manner with threats of physical punishment. This is not who I am. This does not give Me pleasure.

Of course I enjoy inflicting pain, suffering, distress, setting tasks, humiliating and degrading - but through a shared experience - mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. My submissives are a source of enjoyment, amusement, sensual gratification and indulgence for Me, having that measure of power over another human being is breathtaking. By kneeling and worshiping Me, the sadist element within me is gratified. Not just from inflicting suffering but also that the submissive on the receiving end is gaining pleasure from receiving the pain, the humiliation, the degradation!

Available locations

Main location: Reading

Covered locations: Berkshire, Reading


Time Tribute
1 hour £ 160
2 hours £ 280
3 hours £ 400
4 hours £ 520
Overnight £ 1000

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Reading - Lady Leyla - Mistress
Reading - Lady Leyla - Mistress
Reading - Lady Leyla - Mistress
Reading - Lady Leyla - Mistress
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