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Fetish Holidays In Italy

Whether you are a couple or a single guy or girl, a fetish holiday can be the best time you will have abroad this year. You know how relaxing, soothing and calming it can be to have your power and independence taken away during a fetish session so why not enjoy an extended session with one of our great fetish holiday providers.

Fetish holidays in the Italy are provided by the following organisers. Further details can be found by click on the more information button.


CasacariSMa, Italy

Italian Riviera, near San Remo. The house is located 500 mt above the sea level, at the end of a private road inmidst an old olive grave of 30.000 sqm, with no curious neighbours around for kilometres!  An ideal place for outdoor activities, foto sessions, fun and games of all kinds, where you can do and dress whatever you like all day long.
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