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Infantalism with Mistress Xena

Baby stu had paid Mommy Xena a visit.

Baby stu is a special and delicate baby, whom always behaves for his Mommy. However, this time, he misbehaved. When Xena went to the next room (while little stu was in the playpen), stu had tore the heads off of his stuffed animals. stu had nothing better to do, and intentionally did it to anger Xena.

Mommy Xena smacked him a couple of times and figured that She needs to give him a severe punishment to little stu. Xena made stu get dressed in a white t-shirt and white shorts, since the day was extremely hot. Since stu has bladder problems, stu was forced to wear his big diaper under his white shorts. Xena had taken stu to the shopping mall.

However, Xena made other plans than shopping. Xena and stu walked around the mall, and stu kept on whining. Xena then placed a pacifier in his mouth, so he cannot whine. stu drew attention, while whining.

There were a group of teenage girls, which had laughed at stu (while stu sucked on his pacifier. And obviously, they have noticed stu wearing a big diaper). Other individuals stared and laughed. Xena had one last idea. Xena had taken little stu into Victoria's Secret.

Xena had ordered stu to squat down in front of the cashiers & urinate in his diaper. stu followed Xena's orders. The cashiers were very confused, as well as for the shoppers.

While stu was releasing his urine, he screamed out, "Ahhhhhhh". stu had released a lot of urine, to the point where a stream of urine had ran down his hairy leg. The back of his shorts were looking a bit 'damp'.

Xena had stood about 20 feet from stu, while this had taken place. Xena had laughed hysterically, which had caused other Women at Victoria's Secret to laugh at little stu.

When stu was finished urinating, stu had blushed and a few tear drops ran down his face, due to the embarrassment and the humiliation that Xena had done to him. Xena whispered to little stu,

"Did you learn your lesson now? Are you going to damage your toys next time"?

stu said, "No, Mommy"! Xena and little stu had left Victoria's Secret & stu has no intention to attend that specific store again.


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