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Assessment Induction - Princess Spider

The window in time had opened; Princess Spider entered the dungeon. Taking the opportunity to introduce a newly feeble-minded slave to the field of servitude.

From one of the thousands of applications Princess Spider received this month, only two came through the vetting process. Twin and slave Charles.

There were issues. Could they serve in the same dungeon their talents so different, obedience critical?

They were about to change their lives.

Leather clad from cap to boots, Princess Spider entered the darkened dungeon. Twin Kow-towed in accordance with his slave training.

Charles the new boy was waiting in the dungeon cell kneeling hooded on a surface of PVC. He, Charles had been given his pre- dungeon brief.

“Obey or else!” Mistress was firm with her instruction. He had one opportunity to prove his worth.

Striking her purple crop against the iron cage, Mistress inspected her equipment. She glanced up to see the red light flashing on the video surveillance. Unaware these slaves would be watched by Mistress Sabrina Goddess of the Web

“I am Princess Spider Camp Commander of Camp x-ray, you will obey and serve.” Her introduction was short and mentally tormenting.

“There will be allocated tasks for both you slaves, no wrongdoings will be acceptable!” Mistresses sleek agenda was to be followed, obeyed and all-powerful she stood in her thigh leather booties.

Sitting on her Oak chair, she lit a cigar, held in her black leather gloved hand. A plume of smoke filled the dungeon. Slave twin was summoned forward to clean Mistresses boots.

“Earth dung lick my booties. You exist only to serve me.” Crop struck out and tenderised slaves bottom; his squeals were drowned out as Mistress increased the music levels in the dungeon.

Charles obviously knew his time would come, but could he serve a complexity of instructions?

Putting the boot into Twin’s chest Mistress kicked him aside and reached for the cell door.

”Out slut, let’s stripe your cute ass!”

Grabbing Charles by the black leather hood, Princess Spider extracted her next victim.

Rigorously she slipped him into the awaiting stocks. “Click, click.” He Charles the slave was locked into submission.

Through his limited vision, Charles could see Mistresses leather Blouse. Buckles glistened from cuff to shoulder.

Doubting he wondered, I’m not sure.

“Your safe word is Silver.” The dye was cast he knew now was not the time for failure.

“Thwack, thwack, count you little shit!” Charles genitals began to swell in anticipation of more vigorous torture.

Princess Spider grabbed his genitals and the leather grip tightened.

“Now Charles providing you can serve me, you will be enrolled into the New world. Your full medical will be arranged with Nurse Payne for one weeks time, understood?”

“Yes Princess Spider I obey and will serve only you.”

Visibly Charles was shaking his tremor Mistress felt as she glided her black leather gloves over his chest as she hunted stealthily for his nipples.

“Clamps” Mistress was firm. Her mind control was equal to any physical thrashing and beyond your mind she would stretch you.

Wise men had fallen before her on many occasions; sorry would not be good enough.

Running her black leather fingers gently over the nipple clamps Mistress smiled. Her torment rode through Charles. Cigar smoke blistering his eyes.

Mistress left him for a moment and instructed slave twin to clean all of her booties, dragging by his lead she coaxed him into a separate dungeon.

“ Slut I want all my booties, shoes clean and all my dungeon scrubbed, if you fail you will be submitted to extreme interrogation!”

“Yes Mistress I will serve.”

Weak this slave boy Kow-towed before his Mistress. Princess Spider turned and cracked his naked bottom with her favourite purple crop. ”Thwack thwack.” Smiling she left him scrubbing.

Striding into the first dungeon Charles could only just hear the click of her thigh leather booties. He knew it was time for his extreme development.

Reaching into the stores cabinet Mistress grabbed her potions and forced it under Charles nose. Vapours ran through his flesh, his mind demented His illusions and fears melted, Mistress inserted an ice phallus into his anal void.

“Submit and enjoy my little slut.” Princess Spider engorged his soul his
Induction complete, Mistress left him slumped in the stocks.

“Your window of pleasure has come to an end, I will release you and you may dress.” Coldly Mistress loosened her mind control and wondered off to inspect her booties. Charles dressed and thanked Mistress calmly left his tribute and re-booked for a week later.

“Twin you seem to have passed your scrubbing test, you must now go to the dungeon next door and I will examine your wank diary."

Trailing behind Mistress, 11AD588 crawled to his determined place. Next to the
Dog bowl.

"There you are.” Mistress poured red wine and 11AD588 urine Into the awaiting bowl.” Drink all of it Earth Dung! The command was firm. He mind was burning, what next? He thought.

Mistress strode around like Marie Antoinette, guaranteed to blow any mans mind. Her orders streamed from her deep red lips the assessment was a mission beyond his expectations.

“Slave Walk now” Mistress smiled

As this mindless slave wondered the dungeon on his toes, knees slightly bent, face contorted. Scoring his assessment sheet on merit and performance.

Princess Spider had done many assessments and the goal of total servitude was seldom reached, only her body slave had acquired his full merits. And he had visited many times for perfection courses and a weekly medical with Nurse Payne.

“Failed Earth Dung.” Mistress was tough she reached for slave Twin

“You have under achieved your targets, you slave will re-book for one months time.”

“Yes Mistress.” Words spilling from his disappointed lips. Twin would have to endure more torment and now Mistress displeasure for failure; she did not look lightly on.
Dungeon music was raised as Mistress increased her marks onto slave boy’s bottom. Biting her crop into Twin’s buttocks she wielded her furry.

His cries could be heard through the surveillance unit. Captain Clit was smiling whilst she inhaled from her cigar. Slapping her boots she knew Princess Spider would break this slave and then total servitude would be granted.


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