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Stepping towards her had Dons cock aching to be released and as they made eye contact he opened his coat.

Her smile turned to a disapproving frown as her deep blue eyes lowered to his erection,

“Oh dear me, you boys never learn do you”, then Don panicked as she sprayed his face from a tiny can.

Yanking his hands from his pockets Don clamped them to his eyes as she continued to attack him,

“Come on then, let’s see more…Freak”. As he backed away she followed spraying his eyes at every chance. Blinded and out of breath Don’s troubles increased as his trousers fell down.

“Oh wonderful darling…lets see more”.

Turning he tried to run but tripped over his trapped ankles and landed on his belly. Before he could get to his feet his trousers were torn from his ankles along with his shoes. “Oh YES! A bare arse too….more….more”. Dons extreme panic had his staggering to his feet and running blind……..KERRRRANGGGGG, straight into a lamp post.

It was dark when he came round and oh so cold winder winds whipping around his stocking clad ankles “WHAT THE FUCK…..” clambering to his high heeled feet had Don looking at his reflection in the old shops window. “OH NO… NO...NO…..please tell me this is a dream…pleezzze” His legs began to shake with fear as he realised she’d swapped clothes with him, right down to her rib crushing corset with its six suspenders. She’d even had time to do his eyes and lips. Don pulled at his blonde wig, but she’d super glued it on.

Tugging at his stocking tops Don eased the short skirt down as far as it would go before easing his way out of the darkened doorway. With his back to the wall he screeched his heels along the short dead end then stopped to check out the street beyond. With few people about he searched the vehicles for her 4x4. “Shit, where is she?” then he had to wobble away as someone was coming.

Back in the shop doorway his knees began to knock as the reality of being humiliated in public sank in. Now, he was stranded in women’s clothes, penniless and 41 miles from home.

Don stamped his heels at his own stupidity, and then he froze as a car pulled into the dead end. Don waited to see what the driver would do.

Quickly he realised it was a mini cab, Don wobbled to the window “Please help me mate…Ill pay you treble your fare”, “Not fucking likely you weirdo” and with that he drove off. “You bastard” cried Don as he wiggled back to his doorway.

All sorts of humiliating thoughts flashed through his brain as Don tried hard to figure out a way to get home, but the more he thought, the more disgraced and despondent he became. As the old shops clock read 2.21am his tears of shame ran freely.

Each hour from then was a worry that he’d be noticed, by the clubbers; looking for a place to piss, and then after nearly 14 hours in high heels his legs were burning with pains he couldn’t describe, shifting from one foot to the other his next worry was the early morning lights that would fill the streets with cars ad people. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take.

At 4.20 Don’s hopes increased as a 4x4 backed into the dead end, “Please let it be her…pleeese”. Dons eyes filled with joy as she stepped out and strolled up the pavement towards him.

She was dressed in a NYPD uniform with gun, night stick and cuffs around her belt. She stopped before him and tugged at her fishnets stockings before easing her tight skirt down over her strong thighs. Waving her night stick around she circled Dons quivering body and stopped in front of him “Sgt Hard-Bitch” glinted from her steel badge on her top pocket. “Looks like you are under arrest for impersonating a lady”.

Don winced with shame as her night stick flipped his skirt over his bare arse. He knew she was playing games with him but he had to get home, then his cock flipped out from under his tiny skirt. “And this cock fits the description given to us by a young woman, and several gay men”.

“But I only flashed it at the ladies, I promise you!” “You’re under arrest on your own admission then”.

Sgt Hard-Bitch swung him round into the shops front door and cuffed his wrists behind him. “Please, I wont do it again, Please…I’ve only done it once before, Please Lady, Ill do anything you say…I just want my clothes back, I must get hommmmmmppppphhhh”, her ball gag shut him up completely.

Dons legs began to shake out of control as she lifted his cock on her night stick, “I suppose I’m going to need some evidence”.

Throwing her left arm around his neck she whispered in his ear, “Its been a ling night baby, and its going to get longer like this cock”. Belting her night stick she pulled off her leather glove with pure white teeth.

Don closed is eyes as her long red nailed fingers stroked him off to a thrusting climax that almost buckled his knees, then before he could gather his thoughts his arse rang from a loud slap “Move it bitch”

She ushered him down the pavement to her 4x4 then pushed him into the centre of the rear seat. Don mumbled from behind his gag as she strapped him into the hip crushing seatbelt, then he stopped complaining as she cuffed his think ankles to the roll cage on either side of the vehicle.

Dusting her hands together had her loving every second his capture. Then she ran her hand up his stocking clad thigh and toyed with his spent cock. “You see! When you flash women, you need to be very selective…or you may pick up the wrong one”.

Don’s eyes nearly exploded as she lifted her skirt to reveal a huge veined cock with an enormous bell end. He began to struggle against violently against his restraints as she continued, “I’m sure the real women on the area wont miss you for a couple of months”.

She checked her watch, “Its nearly six and we don’t want to be late for the party, and I’m sure that cocks going to go down a treat with the boys”.

Don’s frantic struggle increased as she pouted him a kiss and slammed the door. Panic tears rolled down his cheeks as he begged her to reconsider from behind his ball gag, then he turned his efforts to the early women workers passing on the pavement just feet away as the 4x4 stopped at the lights, they looked and waved as the vehicle roared off. Don’s heart sank as he continued to struggle. “I’d save your energy for fighting off the boys, because they are going to be so happy to see a new piece of arse in that skirt, and that cocks really going to have every opportunity to go on show.

Don’s head slumped onto his chest in defeat as her 4x4 turned onto the Westway and picked up speed.

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