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Like you, we have found that it is notoriously difficult to find a good selection of professional Mistresses on Merseyside.  This seems to be an untapped location for professional Dommes.  However, we are always striving to identify the very best Merseyside Mistress so that we can recommend her to you right here.

What we have below is what we have determined to be the most genuine and reliable of Merseyside Mistress ladies.  We have included escorts that offer Domination here so you can experience a session with a lady who can, because of her lack of experience, administer more pain, suffering and humiliation than you might imagine!

Merseyside Mistress

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When you meet a Liverpool Mistess, expect to encounter a fair, yet firm Lady. She might take on the role of strict Aunt, Sadistic Head Mistress, Evil Governess, Nasty Employer, Viscious Head girl or simply Mistress.

You will be treated as if you deserve this punishment for your own good. These Ladies love to cane, strap, paddle, slipper, hair brush and Over the knee hand-spank naughty boys on their bare bottoms to really show them the error of their ways.

Nothing compares to the suspense, adrenalin, fear and nervous excitement of a real lady, dressed as a real lady should, telling you to "Bend over!" as you await your inevitable fate. Many session are all about good, old fashioned correction, which is rare these days. Seamed stockings, pencil skirts, Head Mistresses gown; and a no nonsense, strict approach to discipline. Other sessions will involve a dungeon environment where you will be on your knees.

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