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Mistress Andromeda Interview

Mistress Andromeda

Q: Mistress, would You kindly tell us a little about your background and how you became involved in Domination?

A: Into spanking since my teens, recently decided to go pro doing what I enjoy most.

Q: Mistress, what advice would you give to slaves who wish to serve you?

A: Be respectful, clean, drug free and not a time waster.

Q: Mistress, what are your favourite types of session?

A: Schoolroom and club nights are favourites.

Q: Mistress, do you attend any clubs relating to BDSM/Fetish lifestyle?

A: Fusion/101 at The Annexe in Kings Lynn and The Norwich Munch closer to home.

Mistress Andromeda

Q: Mistress, What do you prefer to wear during sessions?

A: School mistress and PVC 

Q: Mistress, please could you describe your style of dominance?

A: Strict and verbal with corporal punishment for naughty boys and girls.

Q: Mistress, do you also offer other services such as phone domination, email/online, training?

A: No, however I just started publishing short erotic stories on my website at

Q: Mistress, what are the things You most like and dislike in a slave?

A: Likes: Obedience, Loyalty

Dislikes: Poor hygiene, Whining 

Q: Mistress, what are Your favourite gifts from a slave?

A: Cash, chocolate, and coco Mademoiselle

Q: Mistress, what advice would you give to a novice who has never visited a Mistress before?

A: Don't keep a mistress waiting or cancel at short notice if you expect to receive the attention you deserve and crave.

Q: Mistress, do You own any 24/7 slaves?

A: No

Mistress Andromeda

Q. How do you make use of Social Media or is it something you don’t have time for?

A: I have only just started using facebook and twitter, releasing stories in a serial format on facebook, and announcing release on twitter. 

Q: Mistress may You please tell us how we may obtain more details about you and how to serve you?

A: Any interested parties are welcome to visit my website at, facebook and

Mistress Andromeda