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Mistress Abi of Milton Keynes

Mistress AbiI am a tall, beautiful, strict, demanding, bi-sexual Dominatrix, the kind you've always dreamt about. I expect total obedience and discretion from those who wish to serve me in my private chambers. I get genuine pleasure from having submissives totally under my control, helpless for me to do with as I please. I am always dressed in boots or high heels, rubber, leather or PVC and have a very active and sadistic imagination, making your servitude both a fulfilling and exciting experience.

I am totally understanding of a submissive's needs as I am a former submissive and model with extensive BDSM experience over many years, so whether you are a novice or an experienced player, be assured that my sessions are safe, consensual, but will always test your limits.

Interview with Mistress Abi of West Midlands

Mistress, may You kindly tell us a little about your background and how you became involved in Domination?

Mistress AbiI became interested in the BDSM & Fetish scene around 7 years ago and initially I was submissive. From early fumblings with dressing gown cords etc., my interest advanced into all forms bondage, from where my partner at the time and I produced one of the 1st UK amateur bondage sites. This lead to a lot of modelling work, which in turn introduced me to Domination. I experienced many happy hours submitting to Masters & Mistresses.

However as with all these things I tried the other side, being the Domme, which due to my extensive submissive experience I discovered I was extremely good at, and it gave me and continues to give me a great deal of pleasure. In that time I began to Pro Domme on an occasional part time basis with a Mistress friend, which went extremely well, and gave me the confidence to become a full time Mistress.  Having moved from the West Country back to the Buckinghamshire/Midlands area (I am originally from Birmingham) I felt I was ready to start as a Professional Dominatrix.

Mistress, what advise would you give to slaves who wish to serve you?

Several pieces of advice to be honest:

Mistress AbiCommunication, I need to know about a slave, their likes and dislikes, limits, health and experience in BDSM. It may seem an obvious statement but to make a session work I need to know a slave’s needs and desires, especially if you are a novice. Remember I have been there as a submissive so I understand you, but I am not a mind reader, so tell me everything and we’ll both get the most enjoyment from a session. Don’t be shy, I am not judgmental about your deepest desires.

Hygiene is most important. Like most Mistresses I simply will not proceed with a session if the slave is not clean. They expect it of me and I of them.

Politeness and punctuality are also important to me. As any Mistresses will tell you, there is a lot more to a session than just the slave arriving, we have to prepare for it before hand, and afterwards tidy up (I am still looking for a suitable maid by the way). If you are late, or do not confirm or cancel your appointment on the day (as I always request this), it is extremely rude and can really inconvenience me and then other clients in turn.

That said, I find that most slaves are polite, respectful and open with me.

Mistress, what are your favourite types of session?

Mistress AbiThat’s a hard question to answer although I love humiliation, spanking caning etc, nipple & cock torture and bondage, what actually makes a session enjoyable is the interaction between Domme and slave.

I get a huge thrill from having a slave (male or female) completely submitting to me, completely and willingly under my control, able to go to subspace, able to test their limits.

Mistress, do you attend any clubs relating to BDSM/Fetish lifestyle?

Having moved back to the area recently I havent really had the chance to explore any of the local clubs, I know of a few in Birmingham and look forward to going there in the near future. I do go regularly to the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar so if you see me there say hello respectfully!!!

Mistress, What do you prefer to wear during sessions?

Leather, PVC, rubber with boots. I have very long legs which look fabulous in thigh boots and are just ready for worshipping!

Mistress, please could you describe your style of dominance?

I would say I am a sensual sadist. I love to punish, torment, chastise or humiliate a slave but I am not a whip wielding shouting/screaming maniac. I do it with a sensual style, of pain and pleasure, pleasure and painâ€Â I think sums it up. But dont think I cant do what is needed if a slave gets out of line!

Mistress, do you also offer other services such as phone domination, email/online, training?

I dont at the moment, but I am looking into it.

Mistress, what are the things You most like and dislike in a slave?

Mistress AbiI like respectful and truthful slaves who are honest about who they are and what they seek from a Mistress. I know from my time as a submissive that when I made clear it what I liked/disliked, limits etc, a session was far more rewarding.

I also like a slave with a sense of humour. Although I am your superior, I am not a cold-hearted person with a whip, I do laugh (occasionally!) and enjoy slaves with a personality… as long as they remember their place!

I dislike bad manners, not calling to confirm an appointment or cancel in good time, lack of respect towards me or my property. Although I am very open minded about all human sexuality, I get very angry when slaves persistently ask for a session which include activities from my banned list. I will say no once and only once nicely. Ask again, and I'll be very pissed off with you and you don’t want that!

Mistress, what advice would you give to a novice who has never visited a Mistress before?

I would say try and have an idea of what it is that interests you about BDSM. I realise that you’ll be exploring it for the first time and your only knowledge will likely be from images and information you have seen on the net, but don’t be afraid to tell me either in your emails, on the phone or when we meet, what you are interested in, what excites you and what doesn’t. I am human under the boots and outfit and I do understand fully what you are experiencing, after all I have been there too.

Whatever you want to explore, I can assure you I or any other Mistress will have heard the request before and nobody, least of all me, is going to mock you for it.

Mistress, what are Your favourite gifts from a slave?

Mistress AbiGifts are always nice, but not expected, so it is a pleasant surprise when a slave buys me something. It is a little hard to say what my favourite gift has been, it is the thought behind the gift that matters to me. However one of my slaves has just ordered a lovely pair of black patent 5’ heeled thigh boots, with lace up front for me which I am very much looking forward to wearing. Another bought me a 1,000 Benson & Hedges from a recent trip he made abroad! Lucky for me Customs didn’t get him!

I was offered a two week trip to South Africa with 1st Class flights on Virgin Atlantic, but due to other commitments I was unable to go. I suppose that would have been my favourite gift, seeing the wildlife and the country.

I do have a small wish list on my website which slaves can refer to, and if you wish to bring a little gift to be used or warn in a session please do so.

Mistress, do You own any 24/7 slaves?

No I don't, it is something I am not really interested in. I have a family life and a 24/7 slave would not fit into that! That said I do have one or two long term slaves/friends who do things for me like my website and photos

Mistress may You please tell us how we may find your web site?

I prefer initial contact to be by email as this helps weed out time wasters, and I do not reply to one liners. However I do reply to all emails personally so sometimes it takes me a few days to reply.

Once I have replied to a slave and they have expressed an interest, or have a time and date in mind, I will then send them my phone number to finalise the appointment.






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