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Watch Horny Horse Play

Horny Horse Play is one we particularlty adore. It goes down to beastly business at Baronessa di Rivera’s: a hot “fuck-mare training” and a copious milking of the studs make for an exuberant circus style mood among the dominant girlfriends.

The female stars of the manege indulge in a hot bath and get spoiled by a very special foot massage. While the horny slave cocks are subjected to an emotional roller coaster between heaven and hell.

A pleasurable blowjob, a wicked foot milking along with ultra-brutal CBT all pursue the same goal: to completely extract all juices of these slaves. One of the devotees mistakenly shoots his horny load into the bathtub. So to punish him, Lady Carmen plies him to drink all of the by now albuminous bath water. This film is just massively “sperm-randy” Watch Now


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