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Breaking Greg - Part Two

Once secured Mistress cranked the ratchet which caused Greg's body to stretch. He stopped screaming, realising it was futile, but struggled and wriggled against his bonds.

"Greg. I strongly advise you listen to me now. I am going to crank this ratchet round two more times. If you struggle as you are doing now then your run the risk of dislocating your shoulders, ankles, elbows and maybe knees. I will not stop if this happens."

Greg moaned in defeat and began to stop moving. Mistress turned the crank twice. Greg was now stretched tightly and he believed what Mistress had said about dislocation. He started to compose himself and looked at Mistress with fear in his eyes. She ran her fingers over his torso and began to talk

"Ok Greg. Now I have your undivided attention let me explain what is going to happen. I am going to torture you. This is not a game, I mean real torture that is both a punishment for your rudeness, a way of getting you to agree to undergo various humiliations and also so that I can find out more about you and know that your answers are true.

"If you had approached a Mistress over the internet it wouldn't have happened this way. They would be kinder and more understanding. So if I open up your eyes and you decide to serve a woman bear that in mind. But today you need breaking. I advise you to listen to me carefully at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," Greg replied defeated.

"It is not all bad Greg. Look as I touch you your cock is getting harder." Mistress looked at Greg and savoured the look of defeat on his face.

"Right punishment time. When you came in Greg you splashed me with water by selfishly shaking yourself. I don't want to be covered in cold rainwater by you and so I will splash you with something you don't want to be splashed by. You will remain silent Greg. You utter any words and I will gag you. The ability to talk will make things easier for you later. Don't make me take it away from you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Let me introduce you to Toilet. He was in here connected to the toilet box waiting for anyone who wanted to use the toilet to go. Thirsty fella aren't you Toilet."

"Yes Mistress, I am.

"Now Toilet I want you to stand at Greg's head and masturbate. Release your spunk all over him when you are ready. Wipe any residue on his hair when you have finished."

"Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress."

Mistress looked at Greg. He was desperate to speak and complain but he said nothing. Toilet moved into position and began to pull himself off. Greg could see his cock growing and the slapping sound of his penis movement seemed to be loud in the quiet room

He began to moan as the moment of release approached. He fired his load over Greg's chest, although some fell short on his face and arms. He leant on the rack and wiped his cock on Greg's head when it was over.

"Say thank you Greg," Mistress instructed.

"Thank you Mistress."

"Now thank toilet for wanking over you."

"Thank you toilet for wanking over me."

"Good. Now the next treatment will remind you to have some respect when you meet a woman. You treated me like some bimbo when you walked in. This will help you to remember never to do that again."

Mistress went to a draw and came back with some safety pins and a tub of deep heat. She opened the tub and smothered Greg's cock in the burning ointment. Mistress rubbed it into his helmet and along his shaft. She then pulled his foreskin tight so it covered his helmet and used the safety pins to hold it in place. Three were needed and they were placed straight through his foreskin and closed.

Greg screamed and moaned as the pain hit home.

"I wouldn't get hard if I was you Greg as the skin will stretch and rip on the pins."

Mistress told her slaves to light some candles. She took hold of a cane and walked around Greg brandishing it. She beat his legs. Greg moaned in agony.

"If I beat you, you will remain soft. I am doing this to help you in your predicament," Mistress explained.

She continued to beat his body. Moving on to his arms and hands and finally to his feet. Having his feet beaten seemed to disturb Greg the most and so Mistress continued with the punishment for longer than she had planned.

After 20 minutes of solid beating Mistress stopped and released Greg's cock. She rubbed off the Deep Heat with a cold sponge.

"Can I go to the toilet please Mistress?" Greg asked.

"Yes of course you can. Wait a moment."

Greg obviously thought he was going to escape his binds. But Mistress had other plans. She went to get a catheter. She returned with it and put it on Greg's chest.

"Do you know what this is Greg."

"No Mistress."

"It is a catheter. I will place this end down your cock and into your urethra. I will put the other end in your mouth and then release this valve and you will be able to go."

Mistress spoke so matter of factly but Greg was in hell. If only he had stayed in his car and waited till morning to find a home and a phone. He held still while the tube went into his penis. The other end went into his mouth and before long he was swallowing his own urine while Mistress and her four slaves looked on amused.

When he finished, Mistress removed the catheter and fetched her electric box.

"This device will give you electric shocks. I am going to wire up your cock, nipples, toes and tongue. Then we are going to have a bit of a chat."

Mistress connected Greg up.

"Each of these wires can be triggered independently or I can make them all go off at once. Would you like me to show you?"

"Yes Mistress," Greg replied. His speech was slightly garbled because of the attachment on his tongue but what he said was still clear.

Mistress set off all the connections in turn. She started slowly and built up until Greg was screaming. This enabled her to gauge his pain threshold and gave her a benchmark to work with. When she had tested them individually she turned the dial which activated them all. Greg's body flinched and wriggled as the current was applied.

"As you can see Greg, electricity is not a direct shock. It can be quite a stimulating buzz at lower levels but it burns as the voltage increases. It would be possible to make you cum if I kept the stimulation to your cock at the right level. You are not allowed to cum Greg. You must beg for me to stop if you feel you are about to lose control. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"It's question time now Greg. You are going to tell me all about yourself. If I think you are lying I will hurt you severely so it will pay to be honest

"You said that you had wanted to be tied up by a dominatrix. If you forget about how were overpowered, do you enjoy being in bondage before me?"

Greg paused while he thought about how he would feel if he had not been forcefully pinned down.

"Yes I do like it Mistress."

"How does it make you feel?"

"It makes me feel powerless and incapable of making choices Mistress."

"Good answer."

Mistress ran a light current through his cock and watched it stiffen.

"What about the caning?"

"Didn't like the feet, shins or arms but the thighs and hands were good Mistress."

"I understand that Greg. Would you like me to cane your bottom?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You are doing well Greg. Why did you resist me when you first came in?"

"I don't know Mistress."

Mistress turned the dial that controlled the charge to his tongue. She shifted it past the setting that had made him scream during testing and held it there until he begged for mercy. She then activated the one which connected to his toes and waited until tears formed in Greg's eyes before stopping.

"Have you heard of the expression, topping form the bottom Greg?"

"No Mistress."

"It is when a submissive attempts to control the scene. I find it abhorrent. You were guilty of this Greg. You were surprised and not in control and then you resisted me and denied who you are."

Mistress saw that Greg took this on board from the expression of realisation on his face.

"Will you do this to me again Greg?"

"Never Mistress."

"Never. That is a strong answer. Shall we devise a punishment for you if you are guilty of that crime in the future?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You have a choice Greg. The punishment will be 100 strokes on the soles of each foot or you will give a man a blow-job until he cums and swallow it."

"The strokes Mistress, the strokes," Greg replied insistently.

"Ok Greg. The strokes it is. Shall we administer the punishment so you know the consequences.

"Yes Mistress."

"Ask me properly."

"Mistress, will you please beat my feet 100 times each with the cane."

"Yes Greg, I will."

Mistress removed the attachments that connected to his feet, picked up the cane and gave Greg his beating. The pain was intense and Greg screamed in agony. When it was over Mistress replaced the attachments. She wiped the tears from Greg's eyes and stroked his body to console him.

"Thank you Mistress," he said.

"For what."

"For punishing me."

"Very good Greg."

Mistress knew she was breaking him but also knew she was tapping into some deep seated desires he held. Once she knew what made him tick in more detail, Mistress would decide whether she was happy to merely control Greg or go that stage further and own him.

"Do you fantasise about being dominated Greg?"

"Yes I do Mistress."

"For how long have you done that?

"Since I was a teenager Mistress, about 15 years."

"And yet you have never done anything about it. You don't seem like the sort of bloke who doesn't do what he wants Greg. Why the inactivity?"

"I was ashamed and hoped it would go away Mistress."

"I see. It doesn't though does it Greg?"

"No Mistress."

Mistress was making progress now. Greg was opening up. Now she would win his trust and take complete control of him.

"I bet you have had a fantasy that has been with you all that time. A situation that started it off and that you have gone back to again and again."

"Yes I have Mistress," Greg replied surprised.

"I know everything Greg. Don't be surprised. It is my business to know how you work."

"Yes I can see that Mistress."

Mistress got onto the rack and straddled Greg. She rested herself over his middle and played with his nipples as she spoke.

"Now tell me what this is fantasy is please Greg. Don't be shy. I will not be shocked."

Greg looked up at her smiling face and gathered his thoughts.

"Well Mistress, it is about being whipped across the back. I remember watching one of those old adventure films about sailors on boats in Elizabethan times. You know, sailors discovering the world and fighting pirates and stuff. One of the men had broken a rule and so he was tied to this frame and flogged with a cat-o-nine tails. They ripped his shirt off in front of everyone. He was so powerless, it turned me on. I started to think about it and fantasised about having it done to me by a dominant woman. I would love to have the marks and to suffer like that.

Greg could clearly not believe what he had just said. Mistress smiled at him. She could feel his cock stiffening against the back of her legs. She leaned forward and while stroking his outstretched arm with one hand, she whispered in his ear.

"Well done Greg. Thank you for telling me that. I am going to make that fantasy a reality for you. I have a cat with me and I am going to strap you to the wall and flog you as you wish."

Greg moaned as Mistress's sultry voice whispered into his ear the words he had waited half his life to hear. Mistress sat up and looked into Greg's eyes. He was transfixed and she knew that he was now hers completely. He would find out how completely later but there was one issue to resolve.

"Before we do that there is something you have to do for me."

"Yes Mistress, anything Mistress."

"You called me a bitch when you were being brought in here. Now I know you were scared but it is unacceptable behaviour that you must pay for. Do you know what a urethral sound is Greg?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I see. The internet is a great learning experience isn't it?," Mistress teased as she reached round and grabbed his hard penis.

"Yes Mistress it is."

"You have a fair idea of what is going happen. Now as this a punishment I decide when it is over. I am going to get up, gag you and torture you. Then we will move on to your perversion."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress."

Mistress got off the rack. She disconnected the wires to Greg's body and moved the electric box. She returned with the sounds which she lay out on a side table. She then placed a ball gag in Greg's mouth and secure it behind his head.

All of her movements were capable of driving men wild. But when she wanted to provoke a reaction it was impossible to resist. A eunuch could get an erection in her presence and Greg was harder than ever by the time Mistress was ready to invade his manhood with her probe.

She gripped his penis, pulled back the foreskin, positioned the sound against his entrance and began to push. Greg moaned as his cock was stretched by the smooth, silver intruder. He couldn't resist looking as the sound was pushed deeper and deeper into the hole which had, up until this point, been very much a one-way street. The catheter had been uncomfortable but this was genuinely painful. When it had travelled as far as it would go, Mistress looked at Greg. She held his cock up straight and rested her thumb on a nodule at the top of the probe.

"You'll love this bit."

She flicked the nodule and the sound began to vibrate. Mistress held Greg's member between her hands as the vibrating probe pushed painfully against the wall of his cock. Greg's moans of agony were muffled by the gag.

Mistress loved sounds and watched it for ages oblivious to Greg's pain. When she grew bored, Mistress withdrew the probe. Greg winced as the intruder was removed. Once it was out Mistress took it and held under his nose and told Greg to sniff. Greg did as instructed. Mistress took another sound. This one had a larger girth. Mistress held it next to the one Greg had just taken to show him how much bigger it was and give him an idea of the discomfort involved. She smiled as his eyes widened at the thought of what was about to happen to him. Mistress returned to his cock, put the sound against his hole and pushed as she had done before.

This time Greg screamed a lot more. Mistress made the most of the moment and pushed it slowly to prolong his agony. Once it was in place, she flicked the nodule on top and watched as the sound vibrated inside Greg's cock. His pain was intense. Eventually Mistress stopped the sound vibrating. She held his knob between her hands and felt it stiffen. Mistress turned to her slaves.

"Each of you bring me a candle please."

"Yes Mistress," they responded.

Mistress loved the look of confusion on a tortured slave's face. It was one of the highlights of her life and Greg's was a classic. He had no idea what was going to happen but candle wax in his current predicament spelt trouble in letters as large as those that make up the Hollywood sign in the Los Angeles hills. The slaves waited in line to pass Mistress the candles.

"You shouldn't have called me a bitch Greg. This is your apology. As you have seen it is more effective than saying sorry."

She took the first candle in her right hand and held the sound, and therefore Greg's cock, in poistion with the left. She then poured wax from the candle along the length of Greg's shaft. He screamed and writhed with the agony this created. When there was no wax left in the candle, Mistress handed it back to her slave, dismissed him, took another candle and poured. She repeated the process until all four candles had been used. Mistress then removed the gag from Greg's mouth.

"Thank you Mistress," he said instantly.

"Well done Greg. I will remove the probe now. I will remove it while it is vibrating. Will make it more painful. I will be disappointed if you do not scream."

Mistress switched the sound to vibrate and slowly removed it. Greg screamed for all he was worth and none of it was fake. He had well and truly felt the power of Mistress. When the sound was out she placed it in his mouth and made him lick it clean. The humiliation was tremendous. Greg had never expected to taste the inside of his cock. But despite all the suffering it was exciting. He was turned on and wanted more. He would do anything to please this amazing woman who delighted in causing him pain.

Mistress put her sounds away and loosed the crank on the rack. She ordered her slaves to leave the room and wait outside. Then she undid Greg's binds and told him to stand up and stretch. She picked up her cat-o-nine tails and showed it to Greg. He marvelled at it's strands and the thoughts of what it could do. She made him kiss it and then led him to the cross and tied him to do it.

He could hear her boots click as she took her position behind him and then felt the sting of the first strike with the cat. Mistress delivered solid blows that cracked through the air and dug into his flesh. Greg screamed with each stroke and was knocked forward into the wall with the power of the blows. Mistress said nothing and just continued with her work. Greg's back reddened and then welts began to appear. She did not stop. Greg began to beg fore her to stop but she did not listen. When his back was bleeding she stopped and walked up behind him.

"I want you to beg for me to own you Greg. I want you to beg for me to take over your life."

Mistress returned to her position and continued her flogging. After a few minutes Greg began to beg for her to own him. He screamed it at the top of his lungs and told her he was meant it and wanted it to be true. When she was convinced Mistress stopped.

She called in her slaves. Mistress ordered them to bring some salt and a camera. When they returned she stood behind Greg.

"Thank you Mistress," he said respectfully.

"It was my pleasure Greg. I am going to rub salt into your wounds. It will be painful. You are mine now Greg. I own you. You can have your normal life but you will come to me when called. Also you will pay some of my bills in order to make you feel closer to me."

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"When I untie you I want you to kneel on all fours and give Cocksucker a blow-job. I will take pictures of this which I will keep. Your address has been taken from the business card in your wallet. Call it insurance Greg. I know you want to serve me but when I am unable to punish you in person it will be a reminder of the control I have over you."

"Yes Mistress. Of course Mistress."

Mistress released him and watched as Greg got into position on his knees. Cocksucker gave him his penis and Mistress got the camera ready.

"Say cheese," Mistress laughed as she took snaps of her new possession.

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