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Captured - Part Two

I awoke. Where was I? I could hardly move. I had a horrible taste in my mouth. Then I remembered what had happened the night before. I recalled being captured by that gorgeous blonde and now I was her slave. Thoughts of her dominating me were starting to arouse me again, but my cock felt so tight as it was still locked up in the steel chastity device. I felt frustrated and helpless stuck in the pitch-black cellar and at the mercy of my new Mistress. I had no idea what the time was or how long I had been asleep. I couldn“t shout for help as I was still gagged with the gaffer tape wrapped tightly around my mouth. Then I heard some footsteps from the room above and a key turning in a lock.

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Sadistic Mistress

The trapdoor opened and the beautiful, blonde Mistress slowly descended down the steps and illuminated the cellar by lighting some candles. Still shackled and lying face up I received a sharp kick and she stood astride me. She looked fantastic, wearing shiny black thigh high boots that glistened in the candlelight. My eyes then gazed up to see her sexy tight rubber mini skirt and matching black rubber top that complemented her fantastic figure so well.

“I hope you had a nice rest slave“, she said softly,“because you will need all your energy to please me today“.

She then started to dig her stiletto heel into one of my nipples.

“Still sore are they slave?“ she asked.

I flinched and nodded my head.

“Good, If you don“t want any more pain today then you“d better do exactly as I say, Let's take your gag off.“

She ripped off the tape from my mouth.

“Now slave it“s time that tongue of yours was put to good use“. She put her right boot over my mouth.“Open wide and get that tongue working on the sole of my boot“

My mouth felt dry but through fear of more pain I started to lick.

“That“s it slave get licking, I“ve been out walking in the woods this morning and got these boots rather dirty, so your job today is to get them clean“

I could taste the mud and dirt from her boot but was failing in my task, as my mouth was so dry. She then inspected my work and with her gloved hand violently slapped me round the face.

“Useless slave, you“ve got to work harder than that“, she barked.

“My mouth is dry, can I have a drink please?“ came my response.

“A drink“, her voice returned to a softer nature.“Will that make you work harder?“

“Yes Mistress“

“Ok slave as I“m feeling in a good mood this morning I will give you a drink.“

“Thank you Mistress“, I said hoping that soon my thirst would be quenched.

She walked over to her wall of implements and returned with a rubber gag that had a see through tube attached to it.

“What“s that?“ I asked

“Silence. Lift up your head slave“, she said before putting the gag on me, making sure the tube went into deep into my mouth. I am using this on you because I do not want you spilling any drink on my floor whilst you are laid on your back. Next she attached a large funnel to the other end of the tube, looked deep into my eyes and with a wicked smile said,“Time for your drink slave“. She then quickly unzipped her skirt, pulled her silky black panties to one side and to my horror proceeded to urinate into the funnel. I could see the golden piss working it“s way towards my mouth and hear her laughing,“Yes that“s right slave this is your drink, and you“re going to swallow every last drop“. The piss reached my tongue; it was warm, slightly salty in taste and soon started to collect in my mouth.“Swallow slave“, Mistress ordered, but I refused. She then reached down and tightly pinched my nose.“If you don“t swallow slave then I won“t let you breathe“. I could feel myself almost drowning in her piss so quickly gulped it down, nearly choking in the process. She released her grip and let me breathe.“Next time I order you to do something slave, you do it“. She continued to piss whilst watching her now compliant slave swallow it all. Thats better slave. I now own you, and serving as my toilet is one of the many useful things you will be doing for me.“ She readjusted her panties, put the mini skirt back on and then took the gag and tube from my mouth.“Now then slave, lets see if you can do a better job of getting these dirty boots clean“.

Crouching down she detached my wrist and ankle cuffs from the hooks in the floor. Still cuffed I was ordered to crawl over towards her throne where she was now seated.

“On your knees slave, take my boot in your hands and get licking. I want all that dirt cleaned off“. It took a while to clean the sole as it was heavily soiled and once finished she ordered me to do the other one. On completing the soles I was instructed to start on the leather.“That“s good slave, I can feel your tongue through the leather. You are learning fast. Slowly start making your way up my calves and make sure you leave them spotless.“

By now I was starting to get turned on by the smell of the leather combined with her wonderful scent, and felt my cock starting to tighten again in the chastity device. She could see the end of my penis protruding from the device and a dribble of pre cum hanging down.

"Stop!", she ordered, and then skilfully caught the pre cum on the toe end of her boot.

"Lick it, slave. Lick your disgusting mess from my boot".

I hesitated and then felt the crack of her crop down my back.

"Lick it up now slave". Not wanting another strike I quickly lapped up my mess.

"Your cock is getting tight in that device isn't it slave?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Good, it will be staying locked up there until I decide otherwise. Remember that cock is mine now and will only be released when I say so". She leaned her face close towards mine and said in a quiet sexy voice, "If you please me slave then I might just unlock the device and let you have some pleasure. However if you displease me then it will be locked up for months. Now finish off cleaning these boots."

After I had cleaned the boots Mistress fastened a studded collar around my neck and attached a lead.“Come slave“, she said as she pulled at the lead and made me crawl over to the other side of the cellar on my hands and knees (which was rather tricky with the cuffs still on). Riding crop in hand, Mistress pointed to the small steel cage in the corner.“In you go slave“, and with a crack of the crop on my backside I was forced into the cage, the door closed and padlocked to prevent any escape.

“Now slave, as you did a good job of cleaning my boots I“m going upstairs to find you some lunch as I expect you“re hungry by now.“

She returned a couple of minutes later with a can opener in one hand and a tin of dog food in the other. Just outside the cage on the floor was a dog bowl and after opening the can Mistress scooped the meaty chunks into it. She unlocked and opened the cage door and pulled my head with the lead towards the dog bowl. Then she crouched down over the bowl and spat a long flowing streak of her saliva onto the food. “Now slave, this is the only meal you“ll be getting today so you better make the most of it“. With that she quickly pulled my head over the bowl and pushed her stiletto boot down hard on the back of my neck and my face went straight into the food.“Eat it“, she commanded.

It smelt and tasted foul, almost as bad as the cum she made me eat last night. She kept her boot over my neck and if I stopped eating she would push it down harder until I ate again. At one point I though I might be sick.“If you throw up slave then I will force you to eat that as well.“ Eventually I finished the meal and after making me lick the bowl clean she pulled my head up.“Did you enjoy that slave?“

"Yes Mistress“, I reluctantly replied.

“Good, then you can have more tomorrow“, she said with a big smile. “Your face has dog food all over it, so we“ll have to get that clean now“.

I was then dragged by the collar and lead towards a door. She opened it to reveal a room containing a toilet. Whilst lifting the lid of the toilet she said,“Time to wash your face slave“. And with her boot on the back of my neck she pushed my head down the toilet and pulled the flush handle. I held my breath as the water cascaded all around me. I tried lifting my head but the force from her boot kept me deep in the bowl of the toilet.

The flushing was over, she pulled my head up and I gasped for some air. “That“s better slave, your face is now nice and clean“.

Attached to the ceiling beam of the room was a steel cog about 12 inches in diameter. A long heavy chain had been fitted over it to create a pulley system. Mistress then locked my handcuffs to one end of the chain and pulled on the other to raise my hands above my head. I could just about touch the ground by standing on tiptoes. Happy with my predicament she then locked the chain in place.“Time for my lunch now slave“, she said whilst unzipping and taking off her mini skirt.“It“s been such a buzz humiliating you, so much so that my panties arte all hot and sticky“. She then took them off and dangled them in front of my face.“Whilst I“m away I want you to get them clean with your tongue, Open wide, Good boy. Just wait until you see what I“ve got in store for you when I return“.

To be continued...

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