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The Sentence - Part Two

The two policewomen collected the prisoner David from his home and drove to Athena's house across town. Athena had instructed him, via phone to bathe and be dressed only in a dressing gown when he was collected that afternoon. He had complied ensuring that his genitals were shaved and as clean as possible in spite of the chastity device that still encompassed his tormented member. The girls cuffed him as a security measure before leading him to the police van. June remarked that they were both looking forward to inspecting the areas of flesh that had received such a punishment just a week ago. With that she closed the door and headed for Athena's chambers.

As the police van drove into the drive the front door opened to reveal Athena dressed in a tight-fitting white rubber nurse's uniform. When David was led from the van and saw her he went weak at the knees. He knew he had no option but to comply with her wishes voluntarily or have them forced upon him. He had a feeling it may well be the latter, he had a sneaking felling that the police women were interested in getting well involved and that the Mistress was going to teach them all about dominance of a male, he being the centre of attention. "Oh well that's life, I'm sure it's going to hurt bad at times but deep down I will enjoy the experience," he thought.

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Once inside, Athena had a leg spreader bar and ankle cuffs on him in a flash. The police girls took off his handcuffs and removed the robe. The mistress now fitted a pair of special wrist cuffs that went up to the palms and allowed the fingers to curl through the large D rings at the top. An arm spreader bar was lowered and the D rings attached to each end. As the bar was winched up the reason for the special wrist cuffs became apparent. She was going to suspend the prisoner and the design of the cuffs would enable the hapless victim to take some of his weight on his hands as well as the wrists. The winch was stopped so that he was standing on tiptoe, fully exposed to the three women. Athena went to his rear and studied the fading marks from the last visit

"See how the crop marks have changed colour, nice blues and greens, soon they will be yellow then disappear and then we will start all over again. Maybe we will tart them up again today!"

With that she went to his front to unlock and remove the chastity device that had ensured his abstinence from relief. Next she started to roll his nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, as they hardened she pinched and squeezed them until he started to moan and his flaccid penis started to grow to it's full size. From a nearby shelf she took a large chrome ball stretcher, the type that looks like a ring doughnut. She pulled out two long screws and it fell into two halves. This enabled the prisoner's balls to be encircled; the screws were pushed into position and tightened with an Allen key. Slowly she allowed the full weight of the device to be taken by his balls. He gasped at the dull pain but seeing himself in the wall mirror was impressed with it size and beauty.

Athena cranked up the overhead bar and his feet left the floor, rising some two feet above the carpet. Both girls came and inspected the weight and remarked how small the centre was. Athena said it was about 20mm in diameter and there was no danger it would come fall off but only stretch the ball sack. "We will leave him to hang there for a while and Jane can go upstairs to select something better to wear than that uniform. Meantime I want a few words with Carol," the Mistress said.

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Athena had noticed that during the past 10 minutes or so while preparing the prisoner Carol had been sitting on the whipping stool, examining the holding straps, even at one point testing the position a slave would be in whilst Athena was busy fitting the chrome weight. "Well Carol how do you like the feel of my whipping stool," asked Athena. "Pardon," stammered Carol. " I have been watching you since you arrived and you appear to have a weakness at the knees being around all this equipment. Be honest with me love, you would like to try the submissive role just once to see if you like it or if it's just a passing fancy?" Taken aback Carol took a deep breath and answered in a husky voice "Yes please, yes please Mistress!"

"Now before you change you mind, strip and climb up on the stool," ordered Athena. In no time Carol was naked and climbing on to the whipping stool and dropping forward. Instantly Athena secured the waist strap that would prevent Carol from raising her torso. Next all the leg, thigh, ankle and wrist cuffs were secured preventing any movement other than Carol's head. "How does that feel girl?" asked Athena. "Wonderful Athena." "Mistress to you from now on. Don't forget otherwise it will prove painful," advised Athena. With that Athena slid her hand down between the girl's buttocks and on to her vagina to find what she suspected, a very wet pussy, the ultimate sign of a submissive woman.

Athena went over to the prisoner to check his progress with the ball stretcher and the suspension. "All ok I see" as she lifted the weight and dropped it again, making him gasp. "Yes, thank you Mistress," came the reply as she stroked his still hard member. It had remained so way during the submission of Carol. Athena attached a pair of nipple clamps to his buds adding some weight for good measure.

Jane returned wearing a stunning black Basque, stockings and high heeled ankle boots which contrasted well with her blonde hair. "Where's Carol?" asked Jane as she ran her hand over the suspended figure, flicking the nipple weights for effect. "In the corner on the stool," answered Athena. "My god! What's she doing?" she exclaimed.

"Submitting to her superiors." said Athena with pride. "I have known and worked with her for 5 years and had no idea that she had feeling for this scene. Now me, yes I have always been interested in domination but never had the opportunity or guts to go looking for it. Mind you I won't pass up this opportunity if it's all right with you. So teach me please, I'm just dying to learn."

"We'll just let the prisoner down and gag him. He'll enjoy watching us operate on our girl slave," said Athena. David was lowered to allow his feet full onto the carpet while Jane played with his member till it was full expanded then allowed the ball weight that she had been holding up to drop suddenly causing him to cry out. "Good work Jane," said Athena as she offered a large pump up gag to his mouth. It was Athena's special. Not only did it have the usual penis shape but also two wings that when pumped fully filled the cheeks in addition to the penis being forced right to the back of the mouth. David accepted the gag, she fastened it around his head and then began pumping while adjusting it's fit in the mouth. "Now you are full," she said as she grabbed the dangling weights and pulled off the nipple clamps. No sound was heard from David although the pain was obvious from the expression on his face.

The two dominant females turned their attention to the passive Carol who had now overcome the initial excitement of her first bondage position. Athena took a small cat- -of-nine tails from the wall and laid it on Carol's back pulling it down to her buttocks then gently flicking the two mounds watching the twitching movements of the hind flesh. Next Athena ran a latex-gloved hand down the warm valley between Carol's thighs, which she tried to widen in anticipation of entry. The mistress passed over the offered slit that was wet with desire till the clitoris was reached, she massaged the erect item till Carol moaned and squirmed with womanly desire. Athena entered the girl with two fingers to test the size. After several in and out movements she added a third finger and received an agreeable grunt from the girl below. After a few minutes of this Carol shuddered to her first climax at the hands of another woman.

Athena took a small penis gag from a hook on the wall and pushed it into the girl's still drenched slit until it was well covered in her juices. " Now open you mouth wide and you can enjoy your own body juice." She did as instructed and the Mistress secured the strap holding it firmly in place. Just for good measure she picked up the cat of nine tails and lashed the girl's buttocks four times taking pleasure from the reaction of the restrained and gagged girl. "You have to pay for your climaxes somehow my dear girl!" Athena explained.

"Now Jane you have been very quiet during Carol's introduction to her new role. Come and help me to sort out the prisoner. First you can whip him with this heavy-duty cat of nine tails - his buttocks, legs, inner thighs and belly. While you are doing that I will get the electrical stimulation and torture equipment ready." Jane took the offered cat and stood back admiring David's rump then landed several stinging lashes while watching the ball weight dance up and down as each one landed. She had an even better view of his discomfort as she reached his upper inner thighs and finally she enjoyed the red marks that showed up on his white flat belly. So good was the gag that not a sound other that heavy breathing could be heard from him.

"Athena that was good, I enjoyed it so much that I'm wet with excitement between my legs." "Good girl, I suggest you take off Carol's gag and get her to eat you to climax, if you would like to that is. After all that's one of her new duties now." replied Athena. "What a wonderful idea," Jane replied with a big smile on her face.

She pulled up a chair close to Carol's face, stepped out of her thong and sat on the edge of the chair. Releasing the gag in the girl's mouth she then slid her hips forward till she could feel the girl's breath on her now parted hairless outer sex lips. Carol was inches away from the heaven she had always dreamed about but never been courageous enough to investigate. "Eat me and do it well" ordered Jane.

"I will do my best but I've never done this before Jane". "Lady Jane to you from now on if you don't mind" and with that she administered a sharp smack on Carol's buttocks with a light crop. "Use your mouth to eat not talk slut!"

At the same time Athena had been placing two rings on David's very rigid shaft. Both had wires attached to a control box, a double pole butt plug had been pushed home and two wires from that were plugged in, which left just the double pole nipple clamps to be snapped into position. He was now wired and ready to go. Athena walked over to the two girls to see that Lady Jane had eased back a little from her lover's mouth. Quickly she slid her fingers into Jane's still exposed slit curling the two fingers to make contact with Jane's "G spot". In no time at all Athena had worked the girl into a frenzy, arching back as she climaxed and ended by squirting her ejaculation all over an amazed Carol's face. Athena helped Jane to slide forward to allow Carol the chance to clean up the wonderful playground. This she did with relish, now being totally hooked on the delights of a woman's loins. She still had much to learn but she didn't know that as yet!

"If you have recovered enough come over here and see what we can do to a slave without even touching him" called Athena. Lady Jane slid off the chair ensuring she rubbed her damp lips across Carol's face and joined Athena at a small table in front of slave David. On the table was a small control box with a number of wires leading to various parts of the slave's body. Athena turned each one a little and asked the slave if he could feel a tingling sensation in the parts of his body that were connected. He nodded so she increased the power and watched his reaction. He penis went rigid and he started to thrust his hips as he felt the pulses of electricity pass through his penis, nipples and the butt plug. "Feeling good slut?" Again he nodded his head so she turned up the output of the nipples until he started to push his chest forward in time with the now stronger pulsations coming at some three-second intervals then trying to shake off the clamps to no avail. The power was reduced a little and he became a little calmer as his body got used to the pain. Then she increased the power to the penis and he tried to shake the rings off, but they were now constricting the over rigid member ensuring they would not come off until the penis shrank in girth, which was most unlikely because of the electrical stimulation keeping it hard.

"See how he seems to have forgotten about his balls. I'll reduce the power so he almost gets pleasure from it and work on the little monster in his anus." With that she gradually increased the signal strength until he started to buck. "It will now feel as if someone is kicking him, but from the inside" smiled Athena. After several minutes of moving the signal strength up and down and the girls enjoying the sight of the slave twisting and turning Athena dropped it to the pleasure zone.

"This is just a taste of your training over the next few weeks, slave. With that she started to wind up the power and watched his torment with pleasure. Twenty minutes later he was covered in sweat. Athena decided he'd had enough for now. She was keen not to wear him out too quickly. The electrodes were removed from his body and he was taken to the shower room still with the ball stretcher on. Athena and Lady Jane watched him shower.

Athena gave him a towel to dry off with and then marched him to the TV dressing room. She produced a white Victorian boned corset and the two women proceeded to fit it on him. Athena then pulled up the lacing to give him a nice girlish figure. "As you like dressing as a woman so much, you will wear this on a permanent basis to teach you proper deportment and give you an improved figure. In the coming days the waist will be tightened as your body adjusts to the training. Now I will remove you ball stretcher and you will put on these stockings and French knickers. If you don't have any at home go and buy some because we expect you to wear them at all times. You will not be able to remove the corset as there are tie raps at the top and bottom, don't get it wet when you wash. You will shower here from now on when I will remove it for an hour or two. I want to see you every second day except Sundays, someone else might want to have your attention then!"

Carol had been released and was now dressed in her uniform again. "Who would have suspected that she was really such a submissive slut," said her colleague. "See you all in two days" called Athena as the van drove off. "Now to review the tape and get it to Janet, she will be delighted," Athena said to herself.

To be continued...

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