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Ever wanted to be in the hands of a gorgeous mistress who will wrestle you to keep you hard with her? Enjoy our selection of movie clips an pictures.

Want to be wrestled down to the ground by a strong, confident female? Put in various holds until you submit and tap out? Fed up of visiting Pro Dommes that offer wrestling sessions but you feel as though you have to let them win? 

This is for men who are submissive and who like the fact a powerful woman has complete control over them.  

These girls  not here to hurt you in any way, and a thorough consultation is needed beforehand.

The main type of wrestling session that happens here is the client being put in various holds, comfortably or pressure applied until you tap out.

You can be put in your favourite hold and then be given a time limit to escape from it.  You may also try the mistress tag team..... can you handle  wrestling with two women?

There is absolutely no sexual service so please do not ask any of the women working if they offer relief or will wrestle naked as this shall result in  you being reported to all dommes with a pest page.

Before coming in for your session, be respectful and shower, it will be mortifying for you if your Mistress turns you away for your lack of hygiene, and you are charged the full amount for wasting her time. If you feel you need a shower before and after, please do let her know when confirming your booking.

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