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Miss Megen from New York City - Mistress
Miss Megen
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Miss Megen

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Mistress can be stern, Mistress can be demanding. How she corrects your errors depends on the situation. Regardless, you won't make the same mistake twice.

A Few Words About Me...


Mistress has been living dominance and submission in her own life for over 15 years. She was introduced to the joys of domination when she was in college and has been refining her skills ever since. Mistress is a beautiful and genuine lifestyle dominant who handles her on line slaves just like her off line ones.

Mistress loves the control of a power exchange relationship. She doesn't like submissives who approach wanting a list of things she likes to do or, worse, who approach with a list of things they like. What Mistress likes is controlling you. The way she does it will be however strikes her fancy and reinforces that you belong to her. Because that's what it's about - not your pleasure or your satisfaction but your understanding that you belong to her, that your pleasure is in pleasing her.

When you belong to Mistress she will invade your life and become your focus. You'll find yourself doing something and wondering if she would approve. You'll find yourself starting to do something else, only to stop short when you remember it's been forbidden. You'll do just as she wants, when she wants. You will be owned.

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Main location: New York City


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