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NYC Dominatrix profiles featuring local New York city Dominatrix contact details. Contact an attractive local NYC Dominatrix. Discover BDSM NYC options and fulfill your fantasies.

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"Mistress Anne" Mistress

Mistress Anne

New York City

Eurasian Dominant, Mommy Domme.. providing a unique experience to my pets with all interests and limits respected.
"Mistress Natalie" Mistress

Mistress Natalie

New York City

Kinky New York based Dominatrix
"Mistress Xena" Mistress

Mistress Xena

New York City

Mistress Xena - Femdom Fatale - NYC Dominatrix
"Queen Naomi NYC" Mistress

Queen Naomi NYC

New York City

A rare opportunity to meet a sophisticated Queen. You yearn to submit and be objectified for my entertainment while I expand your horizon. Accept your fate, once the door is closed you are truly my toy. Professional Sadist.
"Jenah" Mistress


New York City

****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Ashley44" Mistress


New York City

****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Jenah" Mistress


New York City

****PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SCREEN**** Welcome to heaven...... You may Address ME as, Divine Ruler. I am your *NEW* Superior Motivational Sadist with an undeniable euphoric essence located in the Buckhead area.
"Sandra" Mistress


New York City

Outgoing dominant woman seeking a long term submissive partner
"Countess Dionysus" Mistress

Countess Dionysus

New York City

The NYC Collective of Dommes is a premier collection of beautiful, articulate, creative, educated and highly skilled Dommes hand-picked by Countess Dionysus.
"Miss Willow" Mistress

Miss Willow

New York City

When I enter the room you will lose your breath when you first glimpse my intimidating and fearsome visage.
"Ms Regan Black" Mistress

Ms Regan Black

New York City

Gothic Domina, Sardonic Sadist, Tickler Extraordinaire, Collector of Hearts, Minds, & Fun Socks
"Lady Mittens" Mistress

Lady Mittens

New York City

This is Lady Mittens' site, She is a refined, alluring and inhuman feline-like Lady .
"Mistress Vicki" Mistress

Mistress Vicki

New York City

I am a fetishist and sadist at heart; I love to inflict pain and have things done My way.
"Michelle Janet" Mistress

michelle Janet

New York City

you would get on your knees and address me as mistress
"Aurea Amazon" Mistress

Aurea Amazon

New York City

Tall, powerful European Queen Of Your Dreams 15 + years BDSM experience, extraordinary array of equipment; every toy you could imagine.
"Mistress Eve NYC" Mistress

Mistress Eve NYC

New York City

NYC's Curvy and Cruel Sensualist Mistress Eve
"Estelle Sinclair" Mistress

Estelle Sinclair


Sexuality, Power, and Alpha Femininity. Indulge in the skilled sophistication of elite domination with Mistress Estelle Sinclair.
"Goddess Gypsy" Mistress

Goddess Gypsy


South Florida MSN/SRNA True Medical-Surgical Mistress Practitioner and ultimate GODDESS. TWO Fully-Equipped Dungeons: Chic Luxury Lair Clinic in Aventura, FL, and Gilded Goddess Temple in E.Boca/Delray.
"Domina Crane" Mistress

Domina Crane

San Francisco

My style is warm and elegant, whether I'm binding a submissive with ropes or a softly spoken command.
"Mistress Valerie" Mistress

Mistress Valerie

New York City

A sensual Domme with a sadistic streak...
"Hannah Hunt" Mistress

Hannah Hunt

Los Angeles

Let your mask melt & be reborn into the ultimate slave you are meant to be under My guidance.
"Claudia Typhoon" Mistress

Claudia Typhoon

New York City

Stop looking, you have found the Master of your sexual expression.
"Mistress Tes" Mistress

Mistress Tes

New York City

Classical Domination to Extreme Fetishism
"Goddess Gia Peccato" Mistress

Goddess Gia Peccato

New York City

Shed those clothes of pseudo-dominance at My door where you will become exactly who you are inside. I know you desire nothing more than to worship, serve, & obey. I'll take you to subspace where you become that submissive you have kept at bay.
"Mistress V And Master Victor" Mistress

Mistress V and Master Victor

New York City

New York City's Only Premiere Discreet Fetish Providers , Mistress V and Master Victor , We specialize in Cuckold and I am NYC Strapon Queen, We cater to most fetishes in a very discreet residence. Everyone welcomed Men, Women and Couples.
"Goddess Anngela" Mistress

Goddess Anngela

New York City

i am looking for an slave who deserves me forever and devoted to me..are you willing to have you as my slave ??
"Kitty" Mistress


New York City

Well I have been a mistress for at least 5yrs.I have all kinds of slaves and witch I still have and always looking for new one .
"Mistress Vanessa" Mistress

Mistress Vanessa

New York City

Salacious Blatina Femdom with a sensual attitude and a merciless control.
"Domina Zinc" Mistress

Domina Zinc

New York City

NYC-based Pro Domme, Eccentric, Perceptive, & Creative. Specializing in Feminization, Dollification, Maid Training, and more.
"Mestra Jussara" Mistress

Mestra Jussara

New York City

An experience of total surrender with a Mestra Jussara. I have both lifestyle experience and professional experience since 2004. Be careful before choosing to kneel before Brazilian Goddess Mestra Jussara
"Ms Marwood" Mistress

Ms Marwood

New York City

Ms. Marwood is a worldly, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who addresses the behavioral problems of naughty boys of all (consenting) ages
"Miss Juliette" Mistress

Miss Juliette

New York City

Exotic empress of indecent indulges


New York City

Goddess's greatest trait? Beauty, perfection, greed? I have all of those to surpass any woman alive. But I've grown to love most my mercilessness. I genuinely enjoy a slaves destruction.
"Lady G" Mistress

Lady G

New York City

Your blonde Goddess is awaiting your proper submission. Intelligent, well spoken, yet direct, I am alternately soft and feminine, yet strong and powerful.
"Mistress Rachel Fine" Mistress

Mistress Rachel Fine

New York City

Voluptuous raven hair beauty skilled in the art of domination. 20 years experience from the sensual to the extreme.
"Cybill B Troy" Mistress

Cybill B Troy

New York City

Independent NYC Rubber-Loving, Chain-Smoking Pro-Domme/Sadist
"Goddess Ruby DeVille" Mistress

Goddess Ruby DeVille

New York City

Kneel Fucker!!!
"YasMeen" Mistress


New York City

I am Mistress & the perfect infusion of exotic petite beauty and edgy dominatrix sadistic energy. My naturally dominant tendencies have provided Me the ability to pursue My passions of dominance.
"Mistress Xena" Mistress

Mistress Xena

New York City

Sadistic and Erotic Dominatrix, who seeks true bitches to serve Her in any way. Main specialties include: Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Tease/Denial, Wrestling, Humiliation, and much more.
"Mistress Katya" Mistress

Mistress Katya

New York City

The Sensual Sadist and Rubber Dominatrix. I enjoy tormenting true submissives through sensual and sadistic means and push the boundaries between fantasy and reality.
"Mistress Lilith Seduction" Mistress

Mistress Lilith Seduction

Rio de Janeiro

Sadistic and Cruel Brazilian Domme, Mistress Lilith is available for sessions in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, Manhattan/NY and North New Jersey.
"Countess Von Kink" Mistress

Countess Von Kink

New York City

My name is Countess Von Kink, I am an experienced and fully equipped English Dominatrix and fetish model. I take pleasure in teasing, dominating and manipulating men, adore dressing up and playing games.
"Mistress Tatyana" Mistress

Mistress Tatyana

New York City

I am a tall (5'10"), Professional, Ebony mina that enjoys different fetishes and kinks. I work by appointment only.
"Mistress Britannia Canes" Mistress

Mistress Britannia Canes

San Francisco

As My name indicates, I am a true artist with My Cane. From mild to severe, I can apply the right amount of strokes to send you home either severely marked, or wishing you had let Me leave a little reminder of My session on your rear end.
"Miss Megen" Mistress

Miss Megen

New York City

Mistress can be stern, Mistress can be demanding. How she corrects your errors depends on the situation. Regardless, you won't make the same mistake twice.
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NYC Dominatrix and BDSM Scene

Yes, New York City has a thriving fetish and BDSM scene. There are numerous fetish and BDSM clubs, events, and communities in the city where like-minded individuals can explore their interests and engage in consensual activities. Some well-known venues and events in New York City include:

The New York Bondage Club

This is a long-running BDSM club in New York City that hosts weekly events for those interested in bondage and related activities.


Paddles is a well-known BDSM club and dungeon in Manhattan that offers various themed parties and events.

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES)

TES is one of the oldest and largest BDSM organizations in the world, and it hosts a wide range of events, workshops, and educational activities related to BDSM and fetish interests.


This is a BDSM group in NYC that hosts various events and activities for dominants, submissives, and those interested in BDSM and fetish play.

Fetish Retinue

A social and educational group for those interested in the fetish and BDSM lifestyle, which organizes events and discussions.

Keep in mind that the availability of these clubs and events may change, so it's a good idea to check their websites or social media pages for the most up-to-date information. Additionally, always remember to engage in safe, consensual, and respectful activities when participating in the BDSM and fetish scene.


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