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Ever wanted to be in the hands of a gorgeous mistress who will give you an enema on you to keep you hard with her? Enjoy our selection of Enema Fetish movie clips an pictures.

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If you only get a chance to watch one movie today, let it be Enamazing. Water, water everywhere, but no time to drink a drop because these ladies have something in their mouths already. These girls are wet and wild. It's a hot summer day and they are looking to cool off before they get all kinky. Hoses, pool side fun and water guns are all going to be used to make these hotties all wet and sexy!

Enema Spanking is yet another great movie. Jasmine is a beautiful 18 year old brunette who looks very young, and has an innocent, yet flirtatious, laughter. She must undergo an intense hazing to join an exclusive sorority- including: enemas, expulsion into a bucket, gapes her butt, spanking/paddling, tickling, being gagged with her panties, being drenched in oil, & riding the Sybian (sex machine).

This punishment is administered by the boyfriend of one of the sorority girls, and by his live-in slave, a runaway named Katia, who is 18, too. At one point, jasmine and Katia are given simultaneous side-by-side enemas. In addition to being punished, Jasmine is taught how to spank, anally probe, & give enemas to Katia.






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