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Feminised For Cash Real dominant transvestite Mistresses: Don't be fooled by imitations. We are the real deal. Action packed website with real T-girl domination pictures and movies. All original and exclusive content. See all types of domination, humiliation, worship, feminization, sissification, sissy sluts and sissy maids and so much more at the hands of real and dominant transvestite Mistresses. These dommes will take you into a domination experience like no other before. Witness extensive and complete training, worship and humiliation sessions, detailed photographed to show every part of the slave's submission to their T-girl Mistresses with special attention to all of the hard to find worship scenes. You haven't submitted until you've submitted to us! Click Here

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Women Punishing Men All female to male spanking and punishment.. Strict women who take no crap from their men. No nonsense swift and real punishment dished out by disciplinarians who know how to hurt unruly men. It's all about women who love to punish men. They truly enjoy traditional discipline and correction of their males such as a long hard no mercy spanking followed by corner time. The kind of spanking that will make you unable to sit for about a week and teach you to obey her. Have you been a lazy student or a bad worker? It's time to change all that. You will be put over the knee and spanked until you learn to behave properly. The belt, the ruler, the cane and the bare hand will assure you become a perfect gentleman. See their buttocks spanked black and blue! Click Here

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 Foot mega site. Covering all aspects of the foot fetish!
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Roman Video is one of the leading studios offering some of the most brutal face sitting movies available today. With award winning productions, this specialist studio has more face sitting and ass worship than you can imagine... We are now happy to announce the inclusion of their collection into our theater so you can watch them at the lowest prices imaginable.

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For Madam Sarka, whipping a defenceless slave has become a favourite pastime for killing time as well as for sheer enjoyment. Today, Her bad mood led Her to find particular contempt for a slave exhibited in the public pillory in the entrance hall of the Long Hous+e in the Other World Kingdom. For this poor slaves awful beating, Madam Sarka has chosen Her favorite punishment aids - the long leather cat-o'-nine-tails and the leather riding crop. One lash after another land on the bare ass of the whimpering little fool. Madam, dressed in a beautifully worn shine rubber outfit, brings the whip down with all Her might for over an hour. The helpless slave receives hundreds of painful lashes, and finally this young, attractive and cruel Lady is satisfied. If any male creature is interested in enduring a good whipping from Madam Sarka, he should first see this film to know what's really coming.

Dedicated to Cruel Whipping movies that otherwise would not be seen online. Watch the most brutal of women punishing unfortunate males by putting them through a gruelling session of torturous sadistic and cruel whipping. These are genuinely brutal cruel whipping movies that leave nothing to the imagination and show absolutely no mercy!

Judicial Caning Movies See the most watched movies and those new movies just added. Watch Free Samples of your favourite Caning Movies. Severe Caning Movies Judicial caning is a harsh punishment dished out by professional Mistresses around the world. If you're interested in receiving a harsh and often severe caning then here is where you need to be! Pay Per Minute Caning Movies Watch the very best in Caning Movies with Hard Whipping and Caning movies. The latest movies are added to our catalogue just as soon as they become available. So you get a chance to watch new movies every time you login. What's more, you can be sure to find exclusive movies that you won't get anywhere else.

This is the ultimate Judicial Caning Movie package. So come on in and join the others enjoying the very best in Judicial Caning movie action. Judicial Caning Fetish Resources Our small site her on the internet is dedicated to Caning and everything related. From understanding more about it to finding a professional Mistress in your area that will administer the punishment you deserve! Serious Masochists Only Severe Punishment Administered By Mistresses and Cruel Women. Come on in and enjoy some fantastic free Caning clips featuring some of the world most cruel women. If you're not looking for attractive young girls who dish out sadistic, bloody punishment, then consider visiting another, tamer website.

If you would like to be a part of this community website then we would like to hear from you. We are looking for views and opinions on Judicial Caning from professional Mistresses. Judicial caning, carried out with a long, heavy rattan and generally much more severe than the canings given in schools, was a feature of some British colonial judicial systems, even though the cane was never used judicially in Britain itself (the preferred implement there, until abolition in 1948, being the birch and the cat-o'-nine-tails). In some countries caning is still in use in the post-independence era, particularly in Southeast Asia (where it is now being used far more than it was under British rule), and in some African countries. The practice is retained in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Caning in Indonesia is a recent introduction: in the special case of Aceh, on Sumatra, which since its 2005 autonomy has introduced a form of sharia law, applying the cane to the clothed upper back in keeping with Muslim rules of modesty. African countries still using judicial caning include Botswana, Tanzania, Nigeria and for juvenile offenders, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Other countries that used it until the late 20th century included Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, while some Caribbean countries such as Trinidad and Tobago use birching, another traditional punishment in the British tradition, which uses a bundle of branches, not a single cane. In Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, healthy males under 50 years of age can be sentenced to a maximum of 24 strokes of the rotan (rattan) cane on the bare buttocks; the punishment is mandatory for many offenses, mostly violent or drug crimes, but also immigration violations, sexual offences and (in Singapore) acts of vandalism. It is also imposed for certain breaches of prison rules. The punishment is applied to foreigners and locals alike.


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