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How about chatting to a strict bitch who loves guys like you with a smoking fetish. Scared? You should be.  If you want to listen to a story you can call the number to the right or scroll down to find the phone numbers for real girls to chat with.

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Smoke and Suck With Mistress Isobel

Mistress Isobel does the smoking and slut jack does the sucking in a super hot 31-minute scene. The sexy dark-haired five foot ten (in bare feet) Professional Dominatrix Mistress Isobel utilizes slut jack as Her receptacle and gets full ashtray service before enjoying his discomfort as he milks slave Michael to climax with only his mouth.

Mistress Isobel utilizes a crop and the violet wand to get the best performance from both Her toys. A must-see for smoking and bisexual fans. The durable slut jack serves as the perfect receptacle for Mistress Isobel. Beneath Her, he fastens Her spiked heels and his nipples are tenderized by the six-inch black stilettos. She has him thoroughly clean the bottoms of Her shoes with his tongue and lights you a cigarette. He begins to serve as Her ashtray. Great point-of-view shots beneath a beautiful smoking sadistic Pro Domme.

Mistress Isobel finishes Her cigarette with slut jack beneath Her. She spits into his mouth and flicks Her ashes down his throat before finally putting out the burning butt on his tongue. He consumes the entire cigarette, proving his worth to Her as a full garbage disposal. Scene change to slut jack in front of slave Michael helpless in the rack.

Mistress Isobel puts a cock gag in michael’s mouth and then fastens a cock and nipple harness to slut jack before ordering him to begin kissing the tip of michael’s cock. She fetches a crop to urge slut jack on as he begins to get Michaels's cock stiff in his mouth. 

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Maid To Order 2

Maid to Order 2

Our little maid is once again found deficient in cleaning the bathroom and Mistress Jacklyn makes him pay for his carelessness for 48 minutes. She makes him lick Her feet, suck Her boyfriend's cock for a bit and has some anal fun with him in the bathroom before moving him out to the living room to continue his punishment in the stockade.
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Thinking about giving up smoking?

Most smokers sincerely want to quit. They know cigarettes threaten their health, set a bad example for their children, annoy their acquaintances and cost an excessive amount of money.

Nobody can force a smoker to quit. It's something each person has to decide for himself/herself, and will require a personal commitment by the smoker. What kind of smoker are you? What do you get out of smoking? What does it do for you? It is important to identify what you use smoking for and what kind of satisfaction you feel you are getting from smoking.

Many smokers use the cigarette as a kind of crutch in moments of stress or discomfort, and on occasion, it may work; the cigarette is sometimes used as a tranquillizer. But the heavy smoker, the person who tries to handle severe personal problems by smoking heavily all day long, is apt to discover that cigarettes do not help him/her deal with his/her problems effectively.

When it comes to quitting, this kind of smoker may find it easy to stop when everything is going well but may be tempted to start again in a time of crisis. Physical exertion, eating, drinking, or social activity in moderation may serve as useful substitutes for cigarettes, even in times of tension. The choice of a substitute depends on what will achieve the same effects without having any appreciable risk.

Once a smoker understands his/her own smoking behaviour, he will be able to cope more successfully and select the best-quitting approaches for himself/herself and the type of lifestyle he leads.

Because smoking is a form of addiction, 80 per cent of smokers who quit usually experience some withdrawal symptoms. These may include headache, light-headedness, nausea, diarrhoea, and chest pains. Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, short-term depression, and inability to concentrate, may also appear. The main psychological symptom is increased irritability. People become so irritable, in fact, that they say they feel "like killing somebody." Yet there is no evidence that quitting smoking leads to physical violence.

Some people seem to lose all their energy and drive, wanting only to sleep. Others react in exactly the opposite way, becoming so over-energized they can't find enough activity to burn off their excess energy. For instance, one woman said she cleaned out all her closets completely and was ready to go next door to start on her neighbour's. Both these extremes, however, eventually level off. The symptoms may be intense for two or three days, but within 10 to 14 days after quitting, most subside. The truth is that after people quit smoking, they have more energy, will generally need less sleep, and they feel better about themselves.

Quitting smoking not only extends the ex-smokers life but adds new happiness and meaning to one's current life. Most smokers state that immediately after they quit smoking, they start noticing dramatic differences in their overall health and vitality.

Quitting is beneficial at any age, no matter how long a person has been smoking. The mortality ratio of ex-smoker decreases after quitting. If the patient quits before a serious disease has developed, his/her body may eventually be able to restore itself almost completely


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