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Captured - Part One

It was a hot summer evening in June, and I was driving home from a conference in London. I had driven about thirty miles out of the City and onto a quiet country lane when I noticed the temperature gauge on the dashboard starting to rise. I carried on for a bit then saw smoke starting to appear from under the bonnet, so I decided to pull over.

On opening the bonnet I could see that the radiator hose had split and had lost nearly all the water. I walked round to the back of the car and opened the boot to see if I had anything to fix it with.

Whilst searching in the boot I heard a car pull up behind me, I turned round to see a large black Mercedes. The door opened and out stepped a blonde woman in her mid 20s wearing a black figurehugging PVC catsuit, complemented with black stilettos. She was about 5ft 9 in those high heels with a slim toned body and looked absolutely stunning.

"Having trouble?" she asked in a very sexy East European accent. " Yes the radiator hose has split. Idon't suppose you have any gaffer tape I can use to fix it?" I asked. She looked me up and down with her sexy brown eyes and ran her fingers through her immaculate hair, " I'msure I have some at home. My place is only a mile or so down the road, whydon't you jump in and you can help me find it," she replied with a sexy smile on her face. " That would be great, thanks very much." We both got into her Mercedes and drove off down the road.

We soon arrived at her place. There was a long driveway about quarter of a mile leading up to a secluded detached Georgian house that was surrounded by trees. She parked the car and we both got out. " Wow," I said, " this is a nice place you have here."

"Yes it is my little country retreat, come in and lets see if we can find that gaffer tape."

I followed her in and she led me into the living room. " Now, I think the tape is in the cellar," she said as she pulled back a rug on the floor to reveal a trap door. " You wait here and I will try and find it." She unlocked and opened the trap door, then descended down a flight of steps.

A couple of minutes later she returned with gaffer tape in hand.

"Do you like to play games?" she asked whilst starting to unzip the top of her sexy catsuit in a suggestive manner.

" Yes, I love playing games." She could see that her flirting was turning me on " Good, now close your eyes and hold out your hands together."

I did what she said thinking that this must be my lucky day and felt my prick starting to get hard. She then started to wrap the gaffer tape tightly around my hands so that I wouldn" 'tbe able to separate them and when finished tore off a strip and placed it over my eyes. I couldn" 'tsee a thing, but her gorgeous scent and gentle touch was making this a very erotic experience.

Next she very carefully led me down the steps and into her cellar. Once in the cellar she made me to lie down on my back on the floor and took off my shoes and socks. I could then feel her unbuckling my belt and she pulled my trousers off. " Looks like your enjoying this" she said as she noticed the bulge in my pants. I then felt something cold being attached to my ankles. " What" 's that?" I asked.

She didn't answer and then I felt something cold being attached to my wrists. " What are you doing?" I asked again. " SHUT UP!" Her voice now had an air of authority about it. " I have had enough of your talking and now I am going to gag you," she explained whilst tearing off another strip of tape and placing it tightly over my mouth.

Whilst being excited by all this I was also starting to get a little nervous as to what was going to happen next. She then ripped off the tape from around my eyes so I could see what she had done. I was now totally immobilised, my ankles had been shackled and attached to a steel hook in the floor and at the other end my wrists had been handcuffed and attached to another hook. I had a look around the room and it looked more like a medieval dungeon than a cellar with black and red stone walls being illuminated by candles. There was a small steel cage in the corner and then to my horror I saw a multitude of torture implements hanging from a wall.

" Yes, that" 's it have a good look around." she said, " This is going to be your new home. You are my slave now and I'mgoing to force you to do whatever I like."

She walked over to the wall, picked up a pair of scissors, returned and stood over me. Then she squatted down and started to cut my shirt off. Next she cut off my pants and I was now completely naked. Still with scissors in hand she looked intensely at my cock and balls. Now I was getting frightened. At the thought of being castrated I started to struggle, tried to scream but still had the tape over my mouth. I closed my eyes braced myself then heard the snipping of the scissors. I opened my eyes to see her cutting off my pubic hair. " I like my slaves to be shaved," she laughed. " I will trim you first and then give you a very close shave with my razor."

When she had finished shaving me she walked over to the wall and picked some nipple clamps. " Lets see how you deal with pain my little slave," she said with an evil look in her eye. She attached the clamps and I flinched as I could feel them biting deep into my nipples. " How do you like that slave?" She then peeled back the tape from my mouth. " Shit, that hurts, take them off" , I replied. " This is the start of your training slave, getting used to the pain."

She stood up. " Let me do something to take your mind off the pain." She then completely unzipped and took off her catsuit to reveal a sexy black lace basque, tiny matching panties and silk stockings. She proceeded to very slowly take off her panties. I was transfixed and the pain from my nipples seemed to melt away. She then dangled the panties in front of my nose. The smell was fantastic and when they touched my face I could feel they were moist. She rolled the panties up, stuffed them in my mouth and secured them tightly in place with more tape. " Suck on my panties slave, and taste my juice", she commanded.

On seeing my cock getting harder she then placed a condom over it. " I am going to give you a little treat now slave." She then put on a pair of tight fitting arm-length, black leather gloves, sat down on my face and slowly started to rub my cock up and down. I could hardly breathe, but the little intakes of breath that I did get smelt wonderful. " I am going to make you cum slave" , she said as she could feel me getting close to climax. " You are going to cum for your new Mistress...Do it slave"Do it now" Cum for your Mistress." With that my heart raced and I shot my load into the condom. The feeling was fantastic, and I was in orgasmic heaven.

Then she stood up, peeled away the gag and took out the panties so I could breathe once again. Whilst recovering I could see her taking the condom off and carefully making sure she didn" 'tspill a drop of cum. She squatted down over me and brought her face very close to mine whilst dangling the condom in front of me. " Eat it", she said with a big smile on her face. " I want you to eat your cum." " No way" , I replied, " I'mnot doing that, no way." She then gave the nipple clamps a little tweak to remind me of the pain. " Aaarrgh" , I cried and as I did she emptied the cum into my mouth. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted. " Now swallow slave. Swallow all your cum or I will squeeze your nipples till they bleed." Not wanting any more pain from the nipple clamps I took a big gulp and swallowed.

" Good slave. Now you see I can make you do anything I want. You are totally in my power, and from now on you will call me Mistress."

She gagged me again, took off the nipple clamps, hung them back on the wall and returned with what looked like a curved metal tube welded to a handcuff. " I am now going to put this on you. It is a chastity device so that I can control that unruly cock of yours." She inserted my now soft penis into the tight steel tube, fastened the cuff tightly around my balls and locked it securely with a key. " Now slave I will let you rest for the night and we will continue with your training in the morning. Sweet dreams." She then blew out all the candles, went up the steps, locked the trapdoor and left me to contemplate my future as her slave.

Continued in part 2...

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