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The Sentence - Part One

Graham had been arrested in a ladies toilet with his dress pulled up, tucked into the waistband and still clad in stockings and high heels. He had his prize dick thrust well into a woman who was leaning forward with her hands on the toilet seat. The two women police officers couldn't believe their luck at making such a simple arrest, what a wonderful talking point that was going to make down at the station canteen.

Next morning, still dressed as a woman, he was brought up before the "beak" at the magistrates court who turned out to be a 40s something lady. As the story unfolded it appeared that he had arranged to meet with the woman in the toilets and in order to gain access dressed the part. Something he liked to do to be close to women in a busy powderroom. The magistrate discovered that he had reneged on a promise to give the woman in question prolonged oral sex. Before he started to eat her she urinated while sat on the toilet and then suggested he dry her with his tongue. He baulked at the suggestion and turned her round and entered her. Just as she was protesting loudly the two policewomen entered.

The magistrate was intrigued; she liked men to be subservient sexually, and took a recess to contemplate her actions while Graham was held in the cells. She left him there till after lunch when he was again stood before her.

"I have decided upon your punishment. You will be taken to see a behavioural counsellor not a million miles from here. You will submit to her guidance and behavioural training to correct your bad habits and to learn not to renege on a promise to a lover. Give this letter of introduction to the counsellor, she will decide on the actual reform programme and the number of visits required. She will send me a final report and if satisfactory you will receive a discharge. Now the two arresting policewomen will take you to begin your sentence."

The policewomen cuffed him and took him to a police van. They drove for some 15 minutes thru traffic and ended up in a quite leafy suburb outside a nice detached Victorian house. They led him to the front door and rang the bell; someone who took care not to be seen until all were inside opened the door. All three were in for a shock as the lady of the house revealed herself. It was apparent to Graham that she was a Professional Mistress by the way she was dressed in a fetching tightly fitting black rubber dress and thigh length boots. "I'm Mistress Athena. I've been informed of your visit and am told by my friend Janet, the magistrate, that you have a letter for me."

"I don't but one of these women does." Graham said tersely. "Pardon Me?" asked Athena." I expect one of them has it stuck in her bra or in her knickers" he replied with contempt."We are tetchy, you will find out all about sticking things in places very shortly" she retorted but with a thinly concealed smile. One of the policewomen handed the letter to Athena who read it with interest and smiled saying "I'm really going to enjoy this commission. Now to work. If you girls are not in a hurry to get back to the station you are welcome to stay and join in the fun." Both women were curious as to what all this was all about and agreed to stay a while.

The prisoner was pushed down the hall and into a large room set out as a dungeon. There were several bars with attached wrist cuffs suspended from the ceiling that had the ability to be raised by electric motors. There was a red leather covered whipping stool, the type that a slave kneels on and over plus numerous holding straps. The wall was covered with a huge array of whips, paddles, crops, floggers and cat-of-nine tails.

After attaching a posture collar and a chain from it running to an eyelet on the wall the Mistress asked the girls to strip the prisoner naked. His cuffs were removed and his female garments peeled of to reveal a firm and trim body some 6 feet tall. The Mistress dropped to her knees in front of the prisoner and was pleased to note that the whole sex area was devoid of hair and he was wearing a cock ring. "I think you may be aware of some of the practices we perform here slut. Not the first time with a mistress I think? Legs apart now!" she ordered.

He spread them and his cock started to rise as she circled his balls with a 1" wide strap and attached a short chain to it. She unhooked the neck chain from the wall and led him to the whipping stool. He got the message and knelt on the lower section then lay forward with his body flat on the top section. The Mistress attached the collar chain to the front, strapped his ankles wide apart on the lower section, wrist cuffs held his arms each side of the stool and the chain attached to the ball collar was passed thru a hole in the upper section and connected to the same eyelet as his neck collar chain. The chain was under tension so there was almost no movement possible of his buttocks without causing great discomfort to his balls.

"Now girls do you see the reason for this layout? Well, it means that when we begin his punishment he cannot react to the sting of the whip without hurting himself further. He has to stay submissive throughout. Let me demonstrate with this single stranded whip." With that she gave a quick swing of the arm, the whip landed across both presented buttocks. The prisoner bucked, stopping short of any further movement as he realised just how tightly he was held "O shit" he was heard to cry. The Mistress quickly popped a pump gag into his mouth saying, "We don't want any noise like that do we".

"As we are now officially off duty is it OK if we remove our jackets and ties" asked June, the smaller of the two policewomen. "Of course you can. In fact how about joining in the fun and dressing for the occasion, I have loads of rubber and leather gear up stairs that my TV clients use. Come on, I'll show you." Athena replied grinning.

Graham was left to his own thoughts as the women disappeared upstairs. He tested the restraints and found that they were secure but allowed some small movement of the arms and legs but that his trunk was held motionless by the ball restraint. "Well so be it, I'm in for a good thrashing but what was in the letter," he thought. Having been to a Dominatrix a few times he had felt the whip before and was reassured that such professionals knew what they were doing. He felt he would survive.

June and her colleague, Carol returned and both looked stunning. June being dressed in a leather basque, high heels and stockings that suited her 5' 6" hour-glass figure. Carol on the other hand had chosen a short and low-cut, black, rubber dress and again stockings with high heels. This looked well on her as she had a full and rounded figure to go with her 6ft height.

Mistress Athena went to the wall in front of the prisoner and selected several items from a rack. The first was a single plaited leather whip; the second a 2" wide strap attached to a handle; the third was a riding crop and finally a cat-of-nine tails. "These should do the trick, now watch and learn", grinned Athena to the two girls as she laid them neatly on the floor in front of her captive's eyes.

Selecting the strap she measured her distance from the offered buttocks and landed the first stroke. He bucked an inch and moaned into the gag as the pain had transferred from buttocks to testicles. The second landed with a slapping sound but almost no movement of his hips. "Perfect he learns quick". Athena cried. With that she gave eight more strokes that were directed to cover all the buttock area and back of the thighs as well as the inner thighs. Each stroke was of the same weight and about 15 seconds apart. She explained to the girls that it gave the prisoner time to recover and anticipate the next stroke.

The whole punished area was starting to glow a nice red. Athena ran her hand gently over his buttocks, thighs and up around his testicles murmuring how nice a colour he was and how the girls were enjoying the way he was taking his punishment.

After some five minutes she picked up the single tailed whip and repeated the same pace for ten lashes, again spreading them to the same areas. He tried to buck on the first two strokes because the whip stung more than the strap but then accepted the rest quietly. Now he bore ten vivid lines about his nether regions. Again Athena caressed the marks gently commenting on how well they looked. She asked the girls to rub a little baby power on the offered parts, which they willingly did.

"Next is your real punishment as ordered by the court," announced Athena as she picked up the crop. "This will hurt and bruise the flesh, the marks will be visible for a week or two." Athena raised her arm and landed the first of six hard and punishing strokes, each one marking both buttocks. She started high and came lower each time so as to produce six parallel red wheals. The pain was intense and in spite of the tethered testicles he bucked as each stroke landed, thereby inflicting further suffering. "I enjoyed that" puffed Athena,

"We will leave him to his thoughts for a while and have a cup of tea, then you two girls can give him the remainder of his punishment." "And what is that?" asked Jane.

"He is to receive 40 strokes of the cat-of-nine tails that can be to his back, legs, thighs and feet. It sounds severe but the cat spreads the pain over a large area and is very endurable. Like to try it on your buttocks girls?"

"Might be interesting done lightly but lets have this tea and you can tell us all about the BDSM game," replied Carol.

Graham was left to ponder his position and endure the throbbing pain from his buttocks. He could feel nothing from the whip marks as this was blotted out from the caned area. He sure wasn't looking forward to the womens return, it was bad enough to be punished by a Mistress but now to take it from two amateurs was a bit much. It didn't seem there was much he could do but await his further humiliation etc.

Fifteen minutes later the three women returned. After an inspection was conducted and the marks discussed in full Athena rubbed on some baby oil to sooth his burning flesh. "Now girls let's get this over with so as we can all go home and enjoy dinner" ordered Athena. Jane took the cat and as instructed by Athena raised it above her head and with a straight arm landed a blow to his back followed by five more landing from shoulders to waist. Another six were applied to each leg (inside and out) and one to each sole of the foot. Jane stood back to let Athena examine the fan shaped weals.

"Very good Jane you look as if you enjoyed that," remarked Athena. "Indeed I did, how about teaching me to use all the other instruments sometime." "I could use an assistant at times and would be delighted to bring you up to speed. Now Carol it's your turn to have some fun at the expense of this slut. This time you will whip him from the opposite side but in the same places."

Carol did as instructed and got a real buzz from the way the fanned out marks started to appear immediately. She also started to wonder what it felt like and by the time her twenty strokes had landed she started to get a funny feeling between her thighs and inadvertently placed her left hand on her crotch. Athena always in tune with peoples feelings at BDSM sessions was quick to spot this and made a note to have a private chat with her when they brought Graham for the next of his 6 weekly sessions of training as laid down by the magistrate.

"Now for the last phase, my treat," laughed Athena. She took short two strips of duct tape and smoothed them onto each buttock. "Now girls will you stand each side and pull his buttock cheeks wide open while I put two crop marks on each inner cheek and finish off with several lashes with the cat to his cute little rose bud and tethered testicles." The girls complied and Athena did indeed crop the virgin flesh and apply the cat to those two very sensitive spots of his anatomy.

Finally, the prisoner was released from the bench and made to stand while Athena fitted a chastity device that had a bent pipe to accommodate a penis, when flaccid, with a locking ring that went around the penis and balls. It would allow him to pee and wash but not to get an erection and gain relief - only pain if he tried. Finally, Athena removed his gag and asked "What do you say slut?" She was gratified when he uttered "Thank you Mistress for my punishment." Athena had been correct; he had seen a Mistress before. So, next week's session would be a joy to conduct. With the two new police converts present, who knows what it might lead to!

"What do you think of his marks so far girls? By next week they will be lots of pretty colours but will have lost their nice fresh look, so we will need to refresh them during the next phase." "Is it OK if we get assigned to bring him next week Athena? We have enjoyed this session and if it's alright with you would like to join in the fun?" asked Carol. "A pleasure to have you both, see you next week."

Mistress Athena closed the door and went into her small study to review the video, which had been recording the events via a well-hidden high quality camera focused on the whipping stool. Satisfied with the contents she removed it from the VCR and slipped it into an envelope addressed to her friend the magistrate.

Continued in part 2...

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