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You can now search and find a real life Mistress to visit in your local area by searching through our directory.  Enjoy a one to one personal experience with an attractive Domme of your choice. To get started simply click on the menu to the left to begin your search. First Choose your Country or the country you're visiting.

You can find out more about some of the worlds best Dommes by reading our collection of interviews. This is your chance to get inside the mind of these ladies and find out a little more about what makes them tick! Take a look at some of our Mistress Interviews.

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Get Closer To Your Mistress

Our aim is to help you to get to know your Mistress better. The following Mistresses have been interviewed by The Fetish Zone (Now Sadistic Mistress).

Go ahead and get closer to your Mistress, read her interview here and be the first to get to know her like no other slave.

Belgrade, Serbia
London, England
Kent, England
Brigton, England
London, England
Bucharest, Romania
London, England
West Midlands, England
Bolton, England
London, England
Cleveland ,Ohio, USA
London, England

Interviews with Retired Mistresses

Evreyone has to retire and Mistresses are no exception. We have seen exceptional Ladies come and go over the many years we have been running this community website for those interested in the fetish scene.  We have saved a few interviews below for those of you that would like to reminisce.

Mistress Abi (retired)
Milton Keynes, England
Munich, Germany
Mistress Evila (Retired)
 Birmingham, England
Mistress Fox (Retired)
London, England
Los Angeles, USA
Bolton, England
Mistress Maisie (retired)
London, England
Mistress Paolo (retired)
Rome, Italy
Salon Kitty (closed)
Mistress Tia (retired)
Derby, England