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Our aim is to help you to get to know your Mistress better. The following Mistresses have been interviewed by The Fetish Zone (Now Sadistic Mistress).

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London, England
Kent, England
London, England
London, England

Featured Mistresses

Mistress Blacksatin

Mistress Blacksatin

Wisconsin, USA

I have been in some sort of vanilla-ish/BDSM relationship My whole life.... Read my interview here

Mistress Georgia

Los Angeles, USA

I do sessions in downtown Los Angeles Read my interview here  

Mistress Maisie

Mistress Maisie

London, England

A: Like most people who know nothing about the fetish scene I thought it was about really inflicting physical... Read my interview here

Mistress Tia

Derby, England

I became interested through an invitation from my good friend and fellow mistress.. Read my interview here

Mistress Julia Pink

Bolton, England

I am very much into the whole scene and have always found the study of BDSM fascinating Read my interview here

Mistress Paola

Rome, Italy

I am a Mistress and I am proud to dominate men. I am based in Rome... Read my interview here

Mistress Dometria

Brighton, England

I am a true sadist and I make no excuses, or apologies for what I do.Read my interview here

Lady Constanze

Munich, Germany 

I'm strict but playful. I’m interested in your fantasies and will give them my own little twist Read my interview here

Mistress Abi

Milton Keynes, England

I expect total obedience and discretion from those who wish to serve me in my private chambers. Read my interview for and see more pictures of me right here.


Mistress Evila

Mistress Evila

 West Midlands, England

My Domination scenarios are strict, controlling, firm, and demanding.. Read my interview for the Fetish Zone and see more pictures of me right here.

Mistress Miranda

London, England

A gorgeous Goddess from Hanwell W7. We have more pictures and a great interview with Mistress Miranda.. read more

Mistress Fox

London, England

I am a 36 year old lifestyle Mistress who has had a practical interest in SM  right here.

Mistress Lubyanka

Mistress Lubyanaka

London, England

As well as offering a first class experience for any submissive read more right here.

Salon Kitty

 Salon Kitty


Salon Kitty's has a world wide reputation as Australia's leading Fantasy House....  read more